Friday, June 07, 2019

Take 345

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Yay! Patrick and Emma are engaged!!! So so so so happy for you two! Wish we could raise a glass with you in the US--but I'm guessing we'll get a chance sometime!! Yay!
--- 2 ---
The middle of the traffic circle in a small town on our way to school has what I would categorize as "Wild Flowers"... that are unbelievably cute:
I want them. Everywhere. It's like tiny confetti. So great.
--- 3 ---
I went to the Levi jean store today. I was fully prepared to pay full price for a good pair of jeans... You know why? I wear the heck out of them. And the non-name-brand version I bought ripped... In a not-so-confidence-boosting-location. But the Levi pair I bought on the same day? Totally fine. In any case. Levi had Skinny High-Rise or Super Skinny. I tried both on and HOLY HIGH RISE is so uncomfortable!! LOL.

No. Normal height skinny jeans is not an option. #StillShopping
--- 4 ---
This week I rolled up to a soccer game for the first time as the soccer mom. By the end of this 2 hours adventure of arrival to the wrong location, entertaining the other child (right through the witching hour), what to pack and what's too much, I realized one major thing:

The soccer mom learning curve is real. And I'm ready to learn. And I'm pretty sure the answer is to put everything but the kitchen sink in the trunk of my car. Just in case.
--- 5 ---
23 minutes. 23 minutes a day of Physical Therapy. And I'll admit it: for about a month I've been indulging in Gilmore Girls while I stretch. I'm not sure you can fully imagine the shock and surprise as Jack Pearson (from This is Us) walked onto the screen for the first time as the nephew of Luke. 

Go ahead, take a look at him on the show. I actually thought to myself, "Is that his son!?" LOL. I'm old. 
--- 6 ---
I'm making progress at eating tofu. I no longer have a mental mind-block. We sauté it until it's toasty on the outsides and then mix it up with stir fry. And you know what? I like it. 

--- 7 ---
Got a little extra time this weekend? Enjoy this article about millennials moving in with nuns. Pretty interesting! (And yes, the article admits that "Nun" is the wrong title because nuns refer specifically to cloistered sisters. I loved that they included that tidbit... even if they didn't refer to them correctly.)

Happy Friday!

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