Friday, May 31, 2019

Take 344

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Happy Friday! Yesterday was Labor Day in Germany, so we had the day off. In addition to totally killing the family laundry game, we also had an invitation to our friends' home to eat authentic Indian Food... made by her Mama. YOU GUYS. Spicy peppers (for Brian), Coconut milk soup with veggies, AND NAAN FOR EVERYONE. 
Yes. I was teased for taking this photo. And no, I don't regret it... because now you can see it. It was amazing.
--- 2 ---
I broke down this month and finally created another Chore Chart. I modeled it like our last one from South Bend. It's already working in that it helps motivate me. I mean, when the chore card says the last time something was done... it can get embarrassing! LOL.
--- 3 ---
In other news, in the midst of laundry yesterday, I actually thought, "I should iron my kitchen towels." Somebody send help. I'm clearly losing my mind.
--- 4 ---
Have you ever heard of the Gold Chain Tree? I noticed them for the first time this spring here in Hamburg and I find them simply stunning.
--- 5 ---
Dear Duolingo, please don't pop-up some fake "please confirm" message about notifications when you're not actually giving me a chance to Opt-Out. That's simply ridiculous.
--- 6 ---
Have you heard of Kevin Garrett? He's a musician and Spotify introduced me to him this week. This song stopped me in my tracks... even if the lyrics are a bit sad.

--- 7 ---
So: Confession: Monthly Resolutions were a flop this month. I started the month with no plan. I felt like I had hit all the major "issues" in the first four months and just ran out of steam. I guess I better get my June resolution in order... LOL.

Happy Friday!

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