Friday, May 24, 2019

Take 343

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Have you heard? Our friend, Joe Gleason, in all his awesomeness working with Terrence Malick on the film A Hidden Life. It was shown at the Festival de Cannes this week! See this article and then you can spend 5 minutes watching the amazing applause after the showing of the film. So proud of you, Joe, for going out there and pursing your dream! So great. Can't wait to see it!

--- 2 ---
Speaking of great... and now moving to the opposite... Guys. Someone you might know may have actually fell... while photographing the school photo... with all the students. And yes... The gasp was audible. I was all "Play it cool" until I couldn't stand the pain in my thumb any longer... the same thumb that maybe caught the entire force of this possible dramatic and public fall... 

It's not broken. 

But it did cause me to think about the collective memory of our school being 11 years long. Some of these students will be around in 11 years... Remembering my amazing moment. I mean that hypothetical person's moment.     
--- 3 ---
So, with a thumb like this:
Let's just say my kitchen and cooking plans for the week weren't exactly well executed... Which led to my sprouting my soaked black beans... a growing mold. Hah. 
I'm a gardener! Even in the kitchen!
--- 4 ---
It's taken me an embarrassingly long time to actually use my new (and pretty!) kitchen scale... but I did! Behold! 4 TBSP of butter! I mean--56.7 grams! 
--- 5 ---
Did you know that when you work in education, and it's the dreaded month of May, and you injure your hand... the dishes are... ahem. For lack of a better explanation: completely ignored. So, today was my solo day... my favorite day... Friday. And my goal today was to do dishes. I did 4 rounds and 1 run of the dishwasher... And it's not done. LOL. No pictures for you. (But it is very satisfying.)
--- 6 ---
We're currently reading aloud before bed with the kids. We've read My Father's Dragon, The Mouse and The Motorcycle, and now we're working through Charlotte's Web. I can't believe how exciting this part of parenting is for me. I love the chapter at a time pace of reading and for our kids, it's pretty important because their education is all in German.

In other news, I stink at being an "ad hoc" dictionary. LOL. What does that mean? Umm... let me think about how to describe that... hah. 

--- 7 ---
Last but not least: I have a small confession. The only Queen song I knew and! could identify as Queen was "Bohemian Rhapsody". Then, Brian and I absolutely positively enjoyed the movie with Rami Malek. And now? I'm identifying Queen songs left and right like I'm a pro. (Sure, I should be ashamed that I couldn't prior to now, but I'll flip that and be positive that now I can.) 

Happy Friday!

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