Friday, May 17, 2019

Take 342

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
I've been sharing on my Insta-accounts about my gardening adventures... Read: Some of it is failing. Majorly. But I saw this article this morning and couldn't help but share:

Millenials and Houseplants
--- 2 ---
Speaking of plants, we haven't invested in our own lilac bush quite yet... but I'm totally in love with lilacs. This translates to my walks looking more like that crazy lady going through the neighborhood jealously smelling everyone else's lilac bushes. I'm a sight to behold. 
--- 3 ---
We have this new routine after school... I pick up the kids and G likes to climb the tree near the parking lot. I say yes some days and spend 7 full minutes throwing away all the trash in my car. This week I even picked up the floor mats and shook them out. Haha. Again, I'm a sight to behold. 
--- 4 ---
I drove the kids to school this week and enjoyed a Mary Poppins themed Spotify station... and then when I got to work, I unabashedly turned it back on for myself. Because a spoon full of sugar makes the work day go by...
--- 5 ---
Have you heard of this LA spa with baby-sitters on staff? Yup. You heard that right. Stop by with the kids... and get spa treatment. If it hasn't been franchised yet, it should be.
--- 6 ---
German phrase of the week: "Man soll den tag nicht vor dem Abend loben." This translates to something like Man should not praise the day until it's over. Or, don't count your chickens before they're hatched. LOL. I love learning phrases in a new language. 

--- 7 ---
Ok. I'm not in the habit of sharing weird photos of myself... but I have been doing physical therapy exercises for my hands, back and neck for 170 days. (23 minutes per day) I've skipped roughly 5 days over that time... and I can do this for the first time in years:
Yes. There were 5 outtakes for this shot trying to get this hands-clasped-and-lifted-up-behind-me stretch to make visual sense in a photo... without success. You're welcome for no bloopers. I've been in more pain for the last week and I'm curious as to whether or not after 6 months I actually just reached a new level of muscles that haven't been stretched in 10 years. If so, bring on the pain so I can see new levels of success. Side note: my carpal tunnel has improved dramatically in this time. Hooray!

Happy Friday!

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