Friday, May 10, 2019

Take 341

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
We celebrated Brian's birthday by attending the Hamburg Taco Festival... SUCH a good idea. (His idea. of course. because he's that cool.) 
For the German culture that very rarely serves tacos, I must say that the displays of cilantro made me drool. Cilantro is SO HARD to find here and it was at the festival in copious amounts. As I said: Drool.
--- 2 ---
In the most unbelievable display of birthday honoring, Rowan sweetly honored Brian for snuggling with her and loving her...

And then Tottenham made it into the Champions League.

It's cruel to even put those two side-by-side... because well cruel. But both were amazing birthday gifts for my awesome husband.
--- 3 ---
How do you like to celebrate Mother's Day? I just treated myself to a mall trip alone on my free Friday. #MomDay 
2 pairs of shoes and 2 shirts. For me, that's a major win. 
Nevermind the fact that I basically purchased the same shoes I owned about 5 years ago for the second time... #OldDogOldTricks #Toms
--- 4 ---
If you have access to "Street Food" on Netflix, please please please treat yourself to the episode on Japan. The featured chef on this episode was so captivating. I wanted to get on a plane immediately and watch him cook. So cool.

Side note: I haven't watched another episode of this show, yet, because I'm afraid nothing will live up to that chef's awesomeness.
--- 5 ---
If you've heard Jason Mraz's "I won't give up", I totally thought I was listening to Rascal Flatts. So weird.
--- 6 ---
I don't know if you watched Prince Harry talking about the birth of his first son, but if you didn't: go ahead. It's 1.5 minutes. My favorite part? "Beyond comprehension." Women and childbirth is an amazing experience. Whether you're a prince or not. 

--- 7 ---
I'm mourning.
Are you crying? Are you angry? Goodness gracious, can't we change something? 

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