Friday, May 03, 2019

Take 340

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Ah April. Remember how I was doing monthly resolutions? This month I focused on not yelling. I don't yell in all areas of my life... mostly just motherhood. So, I read a few articles and I think I made real progress this month. 

I'm not positive that trying to be extra patient hasn't led to a bit more giving in when I shouldn't... but we're all just trying to survive, right?
--- 2 ---
I did learn one thing during this April resolution. Screen time. I worked on screen time in March and definitely saw that screen time when kids were around led to decreased patience... and more yelling.
--- 3 ---
Guys. How will we gear up in the next 8 years to feed teenagers? I'm already nervous about my children's capability to eat all day long and eat as much as Brian or I can eat during a meal. Let's just say this: I believe I will need to totally revamp my method for stocking and shopping. Hollow legs. 
--- 4 ---
I realized this week that I have this lofty goal of doing laundry on Saturday. Only Saturday. Somewhere around Tuesday I give in. Then Thursday rolls around. Even after revamping and building up our wardrobes... too many stains. And then I realized... It's kind of a ridiculous goal. And this is just my life. Bring on the loads of laundry. 
--- 5 ---
We found a nest in our garden shed... Isn't it beautiful? 
Brian skillfully removed it and 10 days later she's busy again... starting from scratch... in the exact same spot. Isn't nature crazy?
--- 6 ---
Today's post is later in the day... want to know why? I worked today. Swapped days and took yesterday off and worked on a Friday. Final verdict? I love Fridays off. Hoping not to have to switch to a different day very often. 3-day weekends are the best.

--- 7 ---
Celebrating Cinco de Mayo this weekend? We hope to find a way... all the way in Germany! 

Happy Friday!

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