Thursday, May 30, 2019

Capsule Wardrobe Revisited

Do you know it's been 2.5 years since I did a capsule wardrobe post? In June of 2017, I embraced the capsule part of my wardrobe before we left Boston and got rid of A. Lot. of Clothing. Then I moved to Europe. Sizes are different. Everyone speaks German in stores. And I've been a bit overwhelmed. Two years later, I have my favorite stores, I know the online discount shops where returns are free, and I know some of my favorite brands. I've bought a few things, and I've parted with a few, too. (Oh, and I still have the most amazing husband who is the BEST at finding deals for me.)

But don't worry. I'm not suddenly on top of everything. The below photos? They're from Fall of 2018... and no, I never got around to writing a post about it... until May of 2019... And yeah, it's almost JUNE. BUT, 6 months later, we're back to spring and everything is the right amount of warmth again... 

But also, I had a little reality check in the process and the reality is: I usually hate my wardrobe. Many a morning or evening when I complain to Brian that I hate it. All of it. And then I successfully name 5-10 items that are absolute must-haves that are currently not in my closet.

After some deep soul-searching (or shallow soul-searching), I realized that one of my problems is that when I compromise and buy cheaper quality things to fill a gap quickly, I end up holding on to it forever because I'm too frugal to replace something that's kind of working (but actually hate). So, in the writing of this post, I parted with items that I actually hate, but keep wearing. GONE. Also, I have a tendency to take months to find the perfect thing when in reality, I needed a new pair of sneakers a year ago. (Hopefully the hum-dinger pair in the mail will be what I hope... hum-dingers.)

So, it's kind of cheating to show you photos and share any "wisdom" because, Girl. I'm in it. And truth be told, I think I have this idyllic world in my head where my wardrobe takes care of itself and where every trip to the mall yields 3 quality items at 40% off. (It reminds me of the laundry dream where I think all the laundry can be done on Saturday.) Wake up, Mar. Wake up. 

Truth: wardrobes take time. And thought. And money. And it matters. Because at the beginning of the day, if I feel good and feel like I look good: I'm ready. I can do anything. And that's my goal: confidence.

Oh. And comfort. Comfort is my favorite.

Disclaimer: The only item in the above photos that is now gone are the pink pants in the bottom right photo. And yes, I loved them. I had to admit that they didn't really fit... and I hope to replace them.

Here is a link to all of my Wardrobe posts, in case you're wondering how much my hair has grown or how my fashion sense has evolved.

At the end of the day, it's all about making it work. Here are things that work for me:

  • Keep two lists: Current Wardrobe and my Wish List. If I go in a store, I can look at a pair of pants and then scan my Current Wardrobe list to see if it'll match what I have going. I hate buying a shirt that will only really go with one pair of pants or one skirt. 
  • Dresses: I'm still a big fan. You don't have to match anything. Pick a pair of boots or booties and the stress is gone. (Also, Mary, stop buying blue dresses. I currently have 3.)
  • Boots: buy the quality ones. Keep them for years. I love them.
  • Saturdays: I'm learning that even my "weekend/lounge" wear makes a difference. If I feel cute in my chores/workout wear, it's a win. So I'm working on that.
If you're interested in the nitty-gritty, here's what I actually own. And yes, this is everything. I know it looks like a lot, but if I "Marie Kondo'd" it and laid it all on the bed, my pile would be considerably smaller than most women's wardrobes on the show... so I'm calling it OK.

Also, in the past, I haven't shared my workout or weekend items as much... so it looks long, but I'm considering it an "honesty" moment... which is good.

Current Wardrobe:

Work Clothes: 

Blue Cotton (Photo above)
Forest Green with Black Belt


Loft Blue slim fit
Blue long  (Photo above)
Grey wide leg

Red Pencil Skirt  (Photo above)

Navy Blue with white leaves  (Photo above)
Confetti Shirt
White Zara shirt
ONLY Mauve Short-sleeve
Purple Floral Tank  (Photo above)

Loft Coral
ONLY Slate Blue Moto-jacket
ONLY Mauve Moto-jacket
ONLY Maroon long cardigan
White Moto-jacket
H&M Navy Blue

Black 3/4 length sleeve  (Photo above)
Pink, grey & white  (Photo above)
Grey long sleeve

Weekend Clothes:

Jeans  (Photo above)
Turquoise shorts

Blue birds cotton

LA shirt x2  (Photo above)
White & Blue flower sweatshirt
Blue Floral  (Photo above)
Blue, elbow length  (Photo above)
Maroon capped sleeve
Navy Tank

Calvin Klein Pink zip-up Hoodie
Long Sleeve Harvard Shirt
Notre Dame Hoodie Sweatshirt

Blue spaghetti strap sundress
Black & White  (Photo above)

Special Occasion Dresses:
Black Lace, elbow-length sleeve
B-neck Blue Polka Dot
Blue Capped-Sleeve
Turquoise, Knee-length (My Rehearsal Dinner dress. Just can't seem to say goodbye, yet. Even though my wedding dress is gone. LOL.)

Work out Clothes:
Purple tank
Hot pink tank
Blue athletic shorts
Purple Flower Yoga Pants

Sneakers - Asics
Grey Toms
Tamaris Light Blue Boat Shoes
Tamaris Pink Suede Flats
Tamaris Blue Suede Heels
Børn Tan Flat Sandals
Red Heel Sandals
Børn Brown Wedge Sandals
Black Booties
Børn Brown Knee-high boots
Zign Black Knee-high boots
Sorel Leather Rain Boots
Sorel Slippers

Hopefully, my sharing is helpful to you. Wardrobe building is serious business. I wish you a hearty "Good luck!" or as we say in Germany, "Alles Gute!" because confident people? They can take over the world. *Fist bump*

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