Sunday, May 05, 2019

April Captures

Good morning! Spring is here and oh-so-welcome! In all honesty, April was practically like a Hamburg summer and so far May has been... fully Spring. Cold. Rain. A little less photogenic. But I guess we're only 5 days in. ;)

Here's some beauty for you! Hoping your May is filled with joy and camera fun... you know, if you like that sort of thing... like me.

This flower is called the crown imperial fritillaria.
Isn't she beautiful??

 Still one of my favorite bushes since I owned one in South Bend...
The beautiful Spirea.

 LĂĽneburg with Nick while he was here... 
One of my favorite small towns we've been to.

 Sharing these duck photos is a little cheating... Taken March 29... However.
This duck photo above is the best quality duck photo I've ever taken. Unedited.
Perfect colors. In crisp focus. He was such a showoff.

And this photo? Fighting duck photos are my new favorite:

Happy Sunday!

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