Friday, April 12, 2019

Take 338

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
We've been really lucky with the number of guests and family we've had come through Hamburg. Last weekend we had Nick stay with us, just a few weeks after his brother Bobby was here. Our kids are in heaven! They love it when you come. So you know, don't forget that you're invited! :)
We also don't mind the excuse to play tourist with you!
--- 2 ---
Thanks to Nick's visit, we learned that bananas are a type of berry. Say what?! Yes. It's true.  And strawberries are not a berry. 
--- 3 ---
Brian was an absolute hero and found a gas grill on eBay last weekend... making last weekend and all future summer weekends that much more awesome. We realized it's been 3 years since we owned a grill. Three years! Given how much Brian loves to grill, this is absolutely shocking. We're so happy to get back in the groove.
--- 4 ---
We got to savor unbelievable treats from Spain, thanks to Nick. Guys. This is our happy place:
--- 5 ---
I came to a sudden realization that I could take my normal bread recipes and make them into rolls instead of loaves.
Loved it.
--- 6 ---
Here's how our seeds are doing:
Lookin' pretty happy! Now I'm just realizing that I have absolutely not enough actual garden to put these puppies into. I crack myself up.

--- 7 ---
Well, I have no *real* plan for how to prep for Holy Week... which starts this weekend. You can bet your bottom dollar that we'll be coloring eggs, drawing crosses, and googling a few blog posts for more ideas. ;)

...But, to that end, I won't see you next Friday, but I'll look forward to seeing you for Easter!

Happy Friday!

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