Friday, April 05, 2019

Take 337

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Remember that cute clock from last week? Well, we had our spring forward time change on Sunday last week... and yes, I forgot that battery operated clocks need to be changed manually... And Monday morning at work? That's when I noticed. It also happened to be a big day at work that we've prepared for for about a year... and it just happened to be the day where I would wake up 1 hour late. *eyeroll*.
--- 2 ---
I was watching the Pastry series of Chef’s Table when I realized that this activity makes the Lenten fast more acute... especially watching cannoli being made in Sicily. This episode had me drooling. I look forward to celebrating the resurrection in heaven, where there will most certainly be Sicilian Cannoli.
--- 3 ---
Brian and I were discussing all of the posts out there that are focused on how to fly with babies and toddlers... and Yes, there's some great advice out there. Believe me--we've benefited from it! But, we both agreed that the best way to get better at flying with kids was simply... to fly more. 
--- 4 ---
Are you prepping for Easter? Maybe you want a candle like this? 
Or, maybe you don't. Like me.
--- 5 ---
I didn't realize that unicorns were such a big deal, but we have a full-on obsession here in this house... I enjoyed this set of drawings that came home last week:
--- 6 ---
Do you ever eye your hand towels and wonder, "Did they wash their hands at all before wiping their hands on that towel??" Is that just me?? I hope not! LOL.

--- 7 ---
Guys. Last but not least: I finally saw it. The advertisement where a bank offers to put your credit card in your arm. The company "ING" had an ad on Instagram where a woman paid for her coffee by a man scanning her wrist... But now I can't find it. April Fools?? Who knows.

Happy Friday!

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