Friday, March 29, 2019

Take 336

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
March is drawing to a close! My one-month-resolutions (January: food/alcohol, February: exercise/flossing) continued this month with screen time. (Inspired in part by this article.) I wanted to decrease screen time and see what it felt like. First thing I did: bought a clock. 
I removed my bed-side charging station from my room and replaced it with this cute thang. (And yes, I stopped scrolling social media while in bed. Win.)

The second thing I did: removed the Facebook app. I left myself signed in on my Safari app so I can see it if I want, but honestly it's so clunky that I don't prefer to use it. So, Facebook has become an end-of-the-day, on-my-computer activity. 

In all honesty, I just scraped the surface on this topic. I'm working on using my Apple Watch more so that I don't open my phone and then get sucked into social media just because it's possible. I think the next step is deciding to simply airplane mode between after school and the kids' bedtime. It's the hardest time to not "check in" because I've been at work all day, but it's also the best time of day to create family culture. Anyways. Keeping my goals going! 

Have something you want to work on? Join me for April! :)
--- 2 ---
One thing I also did this month on this front was use my 5th Generation iPod from 2007 instead of my phone for music while I'm at work. It's less tempting to do other things with it because... it doesn't do anything but play music. (Thanks, Dad! The Christmas gift that keeps on truckin'!)

(In 2016, I shared that I was still using it. This thing is 12 years old. For technology, I feel like I should just continue to honor it every few years. Way to go, little buddy! And no. I don't "sync" it to my computer. I'm afraid a 2017 computer would explode it. hahaha.)
--- 3 ---
Spring is here! One of my favorite things is that I usually open the window in our bathroom when I blow-dry my hair in the morning... and right now? It's like turning on a chorus of birds singing. What a morning delight. 
--- 4 ---
Speaking of Spring, I learned a new German saying this week: "There is no rain, only wet air." Thanks to my neighbor, Nicole, for the good laugh. We've had our fair share of it--but today? It's SUNNY! Yippee!
--- 5 ---
When I think back on this season many years from now... This is what I want to remember:

Pants too short, kids overly happy, riding through mud puddles, and yes: sweet children's rain boots. (Ok. Ok. And some kids' ratty winter boots.)
--- 6 ---
Yesterday was opening day for Baseball and I swooned as my husband talked George through calling a "Strike" or a "Ball" on each pitch. We continue to be an anomaly in Germany with our baseball bats and pitches, but I say let's keep on keepin' on. (How 'bout them Yanks?) :)

--- 7 ---
Last weekend I ended up working on a Friday and had a normal 2-day weekend. Let's just say that even after vacation, I was still surprised by how short it felt. So today? I'm soaking up my alone day. Mmm Mmm good! (Did I mention it's sunny?!)

Happy Friday!

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