Friday, March 22, 2019

Take 335

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
We're back! It's Friday! And yes, last Friday I kicked the Lenten, meatless-day off with bacon. I'm pretty sure every year I eat meat on the first Friday of Lent. It's hard to remember! Happy Pescatarian day, Catholic friends.
--- 2 ---
I know all kids have their moments (good and bad), but I was so proud of George last week when he went to church and parted with his 2-cent coin. He dropped it in the church donation basket after clutching it all week, making sure his sister didn't get her hands on it. I was reminded of how big my kids are getting.
--- 3 ---
At George's birthday party, my succulent didn't come out so unscathed after the kids' game of chase the balloons... Let's just say the entire thing snapped in half. Two months later, I'm happy to report that this plant decided to take lemons and make lemonade--well, actually, just a whole new arm of growth. Proud of you, little buddy.
--- 4 ---
It is legitimately hard to teach my daughter how to put her hair behind her ear. We eat yogurt most mornings in our house and this is becoming a really important life-skill for this girl as her hair grows. #Morebaths
--- 5 ---
We were teaching George and Rowan to play Paper Scissors Rock... Rowan got all sassy and at the "Shoot" moment yelled: "GUN!" with her fingers matching her proclamation. Brian and I could barely keep it together.
--- 6 ---
My sister sent me a new camera strap! It's amazing how much I look forward to this--it's "hands free" and the camera strap over your neck is such a dumb design--impossible to be "at the ready"--especially in winter with a huge coat and hood on. Yay! Thanks, Melanie!

--- 7 ---
This girl was a little crazy and finally got around to planting her seeds for her garden... 3 days before leaving for 7 days. Oops. So, my sweet neighbor agreed to take the trays into her home for the week we were gone... and she did SUCH a good job! Check out these little guys:
Now all I have to do is figure out how to keep them alive through the next phase of growth! :) 

Happy Friday!


  1. often when we're eating yogurt, or anything similarly messy, I'll pull out a hairband for Rachel to wear just during the meal ... with four girls we almost always have a hairband within reach ;) Wearing it sweatband-style is the most effective way to keep the hair firmly away from the food.

    1. Thanks for the idea! Up to now, I've NEVER gotten Rowan to keep anything in her hair except a hair tie... and just this week she started keeping clips in! So, fingers crossed that a "Kitchen Stash" of clips could be the answer! Oh, and her hair getting thicker and staying up. LOL. :)