Friday, March 08, 2019

Take 334

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Well, Fat Tuesday has come and gone... Every year (I think) I've made cinnamon rolls.. this year? No way. I looked, defeatedly, at my kitchen. In the morning, I threw together scones. I'm telling you. Scones have saved many a tired-but-still-special-mornings for me. Need a baked good? Don't have time to soften the butter? Celebrating something special but not earth shattering? Want it to be fully baked in 14-16 minutes? Scones. You seriously won't regret it.
--- 2 ---
But now it's Friday. In Lent. So, if you're looking for ideas for meatless meals, here's my post on our Pescatarian January. Might I suggest you try your first galette this Lent? It's seriously wonderful.
--- 3 ---
We started out with some black bean tacos this week. I don't know if you need this in your family, but we always start taco night by setting expectations:

This taco? Yeah. It's going to break. It's going to fall all over the plate. 
You'll be just fine. It'll taste just as good. 
And no, it doesn't stop them from the immediate outcry of exasperation when it does break. 
--- 4 ---
Somehow just checking "Bath Night" off my list doesn't seem a sufficient celebration for fully cleaning my children and clipping their fingernails. Where my confetti and balloons at?! 
--- 5 ---
I was blow drying my hair this week and my Apple Watch buzzed and said, "Looks like you're doing your first swimming work out! Want to record it?" Umm, nope. Not swimming. 
--- 6 ---
Did you see this post about the Swedish couple who built a house inside of a green house? Check it out! Crazy cool.

--- 7 ---
Speaking of green houses, this is the first year we'll try our hand at starting our plants from seed in trays. Wish me luck! And send me your tips!

Happy Friday!


  1. Nichole said I needed to pass on some of the learned experience from our gardening fun from last year. We turned our back porch into a garden to keep it safe from the deer and fairly compact in size. Let us know if you have any questions as you get going.

    Amazon list - I kept the useful items on here. The Jiffy pellets were very helpful with getting seeds started and the heat mat and thermostat kept the soil at the ideal temperature for growing like in a green house. I would go with the 50mm+ pellet size so you only transplant them once and there is enough room for them to keep growing. If you use a light keep it close to the sprouts so they don't get leggy and keel over. If you start from seeds buy good quality seeds. The ones on Amazon were hit or miss.

    We used 3 and 5 gallon buckets. This also has the right mix of container mix as you don't want to use regular soil because of how it compacts.

    I used this as inspiration to have reservoirs at the bottom of the buckets so the plants would extend their roots deep and draw water from the bottom. An overflow is important so the roots don't get water logged.

    1. Paul! Thanks for the gold mine of information! I enjoyed watching your garden last summer on Instagram... hoping you have another successful summer! Hello to your whole family!