Saturday, March 02, 2019

Take 333

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Good morning! Ok ok -- it's the middle of the US's night, and Germany's morning... and it's not Friday in either location. But I'm not sorry... because I'm learning to give myself space to do what's needed.

But that's not my first quick take! February is over! I decided this year to tackle one-month resolutions (instead of a full year resolution)... and February was exercise month... oh, and daily flossing. Hah. (Don't tell my dentist that I haven't conquered that mountain...) 

I had high hopes of doing Jillian's 30 Day Shred every day. But I have to be honest with you: I didn't. I did 21 workouts over 28 days. But I also did my physical therapy exercises (a 23 minute commitment) for 26 of the 28 days. So, it wasn't a perfect resolution month. But I'm certainly stronger and hoping it geared me up to get back to 3-4x per week moving forward. 
--- 2 ---
I went to Københaven last week and flew to get there. I kid you not I heard the most sarcastic and dramatic announcement, 

"Mr. Smith, please come to gate A48. You are holding up the entire flight." 

I was sitting in a silent waiting area and burst out laughing... But apparently the other German patrons didn't think it was funny. Lol.
--- 3 ---
Also--in that silent waiting area? It's silent because the shopping/restaurant area is on one level of the Düsseldorf airport and the gates are either upstairs or downstairs from there... kind of genius. I got into the quiet area and sighed a sigh of relief... until the guy next to me settled in with his girlfriend and played a "shoot-em-up" movie on his iPad. 

Without headphones. Seriously, dude? (They weren't even watching together! She had headphones on and was doing her own thing! So weird.)
--- 4 ---
As I was saying goodnight to my kids this week... Rowan stroked my forehead and said, "Look at all those lines!" and then burst into uncontrollable giggles...

Thankfully she followed it up 30 seconds later with, "I like your face."
--- 5 ---
Speaking of forehead wrinkles, I got this photo inside of an art installation in Københaven:
This artist was on a sinking ship in the ocean. His experience of being waist-deep in ocean water in the pitch-black night was the inspiration for his piece. It was one of my favorite things I saw on my 36 hour trip to Denmark.
--- 6 ---
Rowan received a new pair of sneakers this week: light-up ones. We've taken our relatively-slow-walker and placed blue lights behind her... So she now walks a little forward while trying to look at her heels. It's a hilarious sight to behold.

--- 7 ---
In other news, we were eating clementines this week, so I began singing "Oh my darling, Clementine!" to my kids... looked up all the lyrics... and stopped singing.

Seriously, people!? How did I grow up with this song?? :)

Happy Friday!

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