Friday, February 15, 2019

Take 331

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
It's Friday! Sometimes I walk into the weekend (which begin on Fridays for me) with a list a mile long and the urge to conquer all. Some Fridays, like last week, I run straight into Friday with no plan and giving not a care. I sat at a coffee shop and just read. And that was good. But this weekend? It's almost lunch time and I'm still bumbling along feeling a little blindfolded and swinging at the concept of what I want for my day off... which seems too hard to figure out...  kinda like Rowan:

--- 2 ---
Rowan: "I'm going to be married someday!"
George: "I'm not! I'm going to be a race car driver!"
Rowan: "Actually, I'm going to be a unicorn."

So, you know. We set our sights high in this family! :)
--- 3 ---
You know those pressurized stand-up toothpaste dispensers? In my mind they're always tri-colored toothpastes. I miss them. I saw one over Christmas in the states and I canNOT even tell you how much toothpaste goo is dealt with in my normal course of parenting. It's kind of unreal. Ick.
--- 4 ---
This photo is from all the way in October... We haven't played with these very much recent, but check this out:
My G. This kid is just like me. He's confused when any routine changes, he knows where all the things belong, and has begun following my own personal rule of "new clothes get hung on the left" in his closet. Sigh. and LOL.
--- 5 ---
At our grocery store (Lidl), you can buy a ready-to-make (think Blue Apron) box from the freezer aisle. Fun, no? I didn't buy it because it's for 2 people... and because I like to cook. But fun nonetheless.
--- 6 ---
Also... it's a small thing, but boneless chicken thighs are basically not a thing here. One of my strong dislikes? Finding inedible pieces from the chicken thigh in my stew in the crockpot. But the dark meat is always the best... so I deal. But if I had that boneless chicken thigh? Problem solved. #CookingDreams
--- 7 ---
Ever get that nagging feeling....?

Where the heck did I put my glasses
Am I too young for this? Apparently not. But that's ok. I eventually find them.

Happy Friday!

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