Friday, February 01, 2019

Take 329

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
So! January is over. WHEW. I shared earlier that I was going to think about one-month resolutions instead of year-long resolutions. Last month Brian and I participated in Dry January and we were also pescatarian (no meat, but yes to fish). The first two weeks of January felt particularly long... but I did finally get "into a groove". Also, please note: our January started on the 2nd and I did cheat--but less than 5 times on both resolutions--I did after all have a birthday last month and survived 7 days at home without my husband who was on a business trip. I do have my limits. I have a half-composed month-end summary that I'll post next week with more detail. It was a fun exercise in the kitchen! :) 

What do you want to do in February? I'm starting today!
And yes, like this TED talk recommends, I'm not going to tell you what this month is. :)
--- 2 ---
Speaking of 7 days without Brian... I would like the whole world to know that he correctly assessed that the best thing he could do for us before he left was lead the charge on cleaning the whole house before he left. I can't tell you how much that was appreciated! I basically didn't do any real cleaning while he was gone other than upkeep and it was not a major tornado disaster when he returned. (Oh, and the morning he flew out? He did all the accumulated dishes in the kitchen. That's my man. Goodness he's good to me.)
--- 3 ---
In those seven days, I laughed as I worked at keeping my prayers realistic: "Dear Lord, let there be no broken bones while Brian’s in the US and while I'm showering." I mean, I expect a broken bone at some point... but preferably not when I'm solo-parenting and currently showering. Lol.
--- 4 ---
Brian was gone from a Tuesday to a Tuesday... I got all the guts flowing (and the espresso) and got everyone ready for church. We got there (early!), walked in, and the most beautiful sight I ever did see was facing me: The big, thick rope used as a lead for all the kids to hold onto while walking to Kinder Kirche (children's liturgy), which both of my kids love. I could've kissed that thick rope. I enjoyed church solo--my only solo time of that day around other adults. Thanks, God.
--- 5 ---
I propagated my first succulent! I've seriously never seen this happen so clearly in any of my succulent pots. Pretty fun for me.
--- 6 ---
I've had a birthday and generally speaking, I don't feel as old as I remember 34 being when I was 16... so that's good. However, I do remember not knowing how to pause an Insta-story just a few short years ago and thinking, "Wow. Everyone else must be much better at reading than me... because I cannot keep up with the speed of these stories." And yes, I actually messaged the story writer... and she said, "Put your finger on the story and it will pause." LOL.

Ok. So maybe I am firmly 34.
--- 7 ---
I spent more time at home with sick kids this week. One hilarious vignette of the week was me finally soaking up and enjoying sunshine (we've haven't had a lot of it). 
As I sat, Rowan woke up from her nap, came to me in my room and begged in a whiney voice “Can you turn the light off?"

Umm. No, that's the sun. Poor thing. #Springisalongwayoff

Happy Friday!

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