Monday, February 04, 2019

Pescatarian January

Don't worry. This is not a food blog. This will not become a food blog. But believe me, I hope you like them as much as I do... because I love food blogs. I'm just here to share with you what our January was like as a pescatarian family ... who also observed Dry January.

Quick Take-aways:

  • It was nice to realize how little meat I typically serve. Mostly? I missed weekend meals with meat. But our weeknights are often meat-free with no complaints.
  • I did struggle to stay creative, even though I really enjoyed the challenge of trying new things.
  • You'll be able to tell, but I used this month as an excuse to crack open my Smitten Kitchen cookbook... and it did not disappoint. They were by far my favorite meals.
  • I can't believe how little glass recycle we had because we were a dry household. Wow.
  • Also... I had almost no headaches. Amazing.
  • Studies show that after observing dry January, drinking levels typically stay lower throughout the entire year. After a month, I must say that I can see why... And that I plan to do it again... but not this month. ;) 
And now... Here's what we ate! With a few leftover nights in between...

  1. Crustless QuicheSimple Crusty Bread and grapes
  2. Emmentaler grilled sandwich with sweet and sour red onions (sautéed) and vinegar slaw with cucumber and dill (Source for both: The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook
  3. Galette with roasted carrots & sweet potatoes and caramelized red onions (leftover from #2) (Source: The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook) with grapes
  4. Roasted Salmon with Pesto, pesto pasta & steamed broccoli
  5. Sweet Peas and Shells Alfredo (Source: The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook)
  6. Leek Fritters (Source: The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook) with Fried Eggs and Orange Slices
  7. Pesto Pizza with peppers and onion
  8. Curry & grape tuna sandwiches with Sweet Potato Fries & Southern Carolina Slaw
  9. Clam Chowder with more Simple Crusty Bread
  10. Shrimp Fried Rice (My Mom's recipe... the secret? Buy dark soy sauce.)
  11. White Bean Chili 
  12. Black Bean Confetti Salad (Smitten Kitchen)
  13. Egg Bake
  14. Black Bean Tacos (always with avocado.)
  15. Chick Pea & Kale Curry
  16. Tofu Chinese Broccoli (Wished I had made double the sauce and added it to the whole dish.)
  17. Roasted Salmon & Brussels Sprouts
  18. Black Bean Burritos
  19. Vegetarian Cassoulet (Still prefer this with sausage... but still good, especially with garlic croutons on top for crunch.)
  20. Red Kidney Bean Curry
Tonight we ate Chinese Chicken & Broccoli... and YES. It was amazing. So, I'm happy to have done a month and I'm happy to move on to other kinds of resolutions for February... Also, score for February being the shortest month of the year... Setting goals high because they're shorter... LOL. for the win!

Wishing you a happy and healthy ... February? New Year? New Month? This is the problem with month-long resolutions. How do you get off the stage? Happy January! Happy February! To continual dreaming and reaching for those goals!

:) Also, Monday. Goodnight!

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