Friday, January 25, 2019

Take 328

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
You guys! Last week was a whole week of rain and just-above-freezing-cold. I think it's firmly holding first place for my least favorite type of weather. But this week? Below freezing and sparkle! Oh my, I'm so in love.
--- 2 ---
Of course, according to my watch, the weather all day was just... "Bad". 
Still not sure why my usually "Cloudy" line said "Bad" all day this week.
--- 3 ---
Tomorrow, George turns 5! Say WHAT?! That's right, 5 years of G. It's difficult to believe that this video was only his first year... 
and now we've had 4x as much time with him! Goodness. That boy. Sure do love him. 

Oh, and he reminded me that tomorrow, it'll be only 5 years until he's 10. Lol. Keepin' the eye on the prize.
--- 4 ---
Also, George, the day you were born was a really exciting one. But you know what, today is the day BEFORE you were born, and that was also an exciting one... because we went into the hospital, got sent home, went to the co-op and bought some ingredients to make individual homemade calzones for 4 guests who joined us the night before you were born. Such fun memories. Russ and Ruth, Tom and Elena, thanks for joining us in our waiting! :) Oh and Brian, thanks for saying "Yeah! Homemade individual calzones sounds fun!" ... and then having mercy on your 9.5 month pregnant wife and actually doing all the work. 

I bet my parents even did the dishes while we were in the hospital. Hah. That's never occurred to me.
--- 5 ---
Do you bake with weights instead of cups? I'm fascinated by this post, especially since I live in Europe and nothing is in American measurements. But the possibility of chucking a whole section of measuring cups, teaspoons and freeing up kitchen drawer space makes me giddy. Not to mention less dishes. 
--- 6 ---
Speaking of baking, I purchased a pretty cheap butter dish. I was excited to get a butter dish that was shaped like European butter--a totally bigger block than the American stick. (Thanks, American butter dish, for breaking...) So it arrived in the mail, but it was too cheap in quality for my preference... so I tried to return it. And Amazon said, "Here's your refund. No need to send it back! You can keep it." But... now I feel obliged to use it. The last one broke after 7 years... am I stuck with this one for 7 years? Bah.
--- 7 ---
Today was a cold day, but it didn't stop Mary C. (our weekend guest) and me from heading downtown and finding a good, warm lunch and of course... a hot cappuccino
Happy Friday!

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