Friday, January 11, 2019

Take 326

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Last week was a sweet two-day work week. (Thank you New Year's Day). Last Friday was going to be "Date Day " while the kids were in school... but then a doctor's visit was needed... and yes. It was contagious. And no, she couldn't go back to school until the following Monday. That's right. a full week off of school. You better believe this Mama was pulling open Pinterest. No going out for a full week. [Side note: Grocery shopping felt like Christmas today--even with a 3 year old.]
--- 2 ---
Let's just say this news was disorienting enough that on Monday I went in to work to get a few things to be able to work from home and said to my coworkers, "What a way to ring in 2016, eh?" Yeah. Totally said that. Face palm.
--- 3 ---
So, on Monday, the second day home just the two of us, Rowan and I tackled this Playmobil puppy that I had set aside for a rainy day... because the kids totally disassembled it when it was handed down to us:
Look easy to you? Let's just say I handed that thing over to both kids and said, "If you deconstruct that thing, I'm donating it." LOL.  (PS- I'd never touched anything Playmobil before.)
--- 4 ---
I've been searching high and low on eBay for reasonably priced bunk beds... and finally found a set! And, it can be disassembled into two single beds! (This is important because we don't have a long time before they'll need to be separated... which is sad!) We were met with big crocodile tears when we announced that the oldest child would get the top bunk... but then we met in the middle and decided they would each get 6 months on the top bunk, beginning with their birthdays (January and August). Not  a bad deal! All was well. And they love them. Hooray!
And yes, those blue pads on the ladder glow in the dark. #HappyKids
--- 5 ---
I finally got around to buying a replacement light bulb for the hood over the stove. It's been probably weeks since it went out and it's like being handed a bright and shiny new kitchen. Love it.
--- 6 ---
Hey Dad (Walt)! Check it out! (Loved these books growing up.)
--- 7 ---
It has been 42 days since I visited a new Physical Therapist in Hamburg. I went the week after Thanksgiving because for all of Black Friday, Saturday, and Sunday after hosting our big dinner with our friends and bosses from work, I couldn't use my hands. I was in pain up to my shoulders. 

I've been doing 23 minutes of exercises for 42 days. I have at least 78 days left of this routine before the minimum time commitment is complete. And dang. It's working. And dang. It's hard. And I'm so grateful for good health care. Cheers to bodies that serve us well!

Happy Friday!

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