Wednesday, January 30, 2019

2018 Photos

Ok, ok. I'll admit it--it's a little late for the "New Year/Last Year" post... However! It's my birthday, so it's still a new year. I've been reflecting today on what a year we've had and enjoyed looking through some photos. So, without further ado: 2018!

Oh, and if you're curious:

This sofa signified the possibility of staying in Germany. We'd really been considering whether we should stay or not... and then, with a ray of hope, we bought a big red sofa. 
And it's our favorite. It's literally the best TV sofa ever.
God bless winter last year. It was delightfully snowy.
Thanks for visiting, Isi! Easter was way more fun with our guests :)

Thanks, Peter, for baby-sitting for us! Our first experience of Dom--the Hamburg fair.
Thanks, Brian, for sending me on your birthday to be with my family in Malta!
What a gorgeous island!
Mom and Dad visit! Perfect weather and lots of fun.
 Family vacation in Denmark! An idyllic getaway.
 Summer. We spent so much time outside... soaking it all up.
Apple picking in Germany! Beautiful Autumn. Always my favorite.
Marmie and Pops visit! Oh the fun! And our first time to Berlin.
A dream: meeting Glitch Mob. Check check!
A fun date. A fun concert-- a great performance!
And as usual, wrapping up the year with a Christmas tree, time with family and lots of love. 

Cheers to an amazing 2018 and prost to finishing 34 years. We did it!
And thanks for being along for the ride with us!

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