Friday, December 07, 2018

Take 323

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
I always brainstorm my quick takes throughout the week... but this first quick take happened just tonight... Rowan just refused homemade pesto chicken pizza for lentils and quinoa. I'm a little worried about her. lol.
--- 2 ---
I've noticed this week that last year I was well into Christmas cookie baking at this point in December, but I haven't even started this year, yet. I better get busy! I've got chai spice cookies, buckeye bars, cherry drop cookies, ginger cookies, and confetti cookies on my list... But what I really am eager to try to make are Italian Christmas cookies. If I can nail those, I will be able to take a favorite of my NY childhood Christmas foods with me wherever I go. Win.
--- 3 ---
How are your Christmas lists and shopping going? I couldn't have imagined how much International living would change our Christmas shopping game. I kind of love it. All online. All early. The simplicity is so awesome. (More time for Gluwein at the Weihnachtsmarkt!) :)
--- 4 ---
I did, however, go to the Mall today and I chuckled at myself, walking through rainy 47 degree weather without a coat to the front door... because I'm a firm believer in not lugging around your winter coat in the Mall. Am I the only one?  
--- 5 ---
I made the big move. I bought a 48 pack of spice jars. But I didn't share about it... Know why? Because I spent about 35 € and I don't like them. Dude. Almost 7 years of waiting to make "the big move" and I was disappointed. The lids don't screw on! They pop on. So the spices don't stay fresh. In addition to that... it's nearly impossible to easily pop them on and off. Boo! 
At least they look pretty...
--- 6 ---
Speaking of spices, I still crack up every time I see these in my drawer. But also? I used the "Pinch" spoon this week. 
--- 7 ---
NYTimes reports this week that your cell phone is 7 times dirtier than...

a toilet.

...Happy Friday!

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