Friday, November 30, 2018

Take 322

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Thanksgiving 2.0. That's right. I went out, bought a whole chicken and roasted it. Because I'm not letting that homemade stuffing go to waste. And really, what else can you serve it with?? (I would've bought a turkey, but it turns out you can't really get whole turkey very easily here.)

...I also roasted my decoration pumpkin. Yup. Pumpkin bread, here we come. Because... I totally ate the last piece of pie. In the pan. With 50% it's volume of whipping cream added on top. #Winning.
--- 2 ---
But don't get me wrong--I know it's not even Advent, yet, but that didn't stop us from our inaugural Prep and Landing with the kids this night. #JingleBAM!
--- 3 ---
Our kids spend all week playing in a full immersion German school. This means that when they're playing together without our interaction, it's almost 100% German language...

Naturally, George and Rowan play Mama and Papa sometimes... But you know what's crazy? They speak only in German when they do. LOL. #Something'sNotRightHere

(No. We don't parent in German.)
--- 4 ---
Three cheers and chuckles for Lydia Liza's Baby It's Cold Outside
--- 5 ---
(This take is brought to you by the PSA that I'm fully aware that you're not supposed to put a child into their car seat in a winter coat. But I do.)

And you know, with the addition of any bulkier winter clothing, my children are all sorts of, "I'm going to die!" because I'm "stuck in the carseat"... and they're uncomfortable! Sigh. Maybe they'll normalize by the time it's Spring? Hopefully earlier.
--- 6 ---
Mamas. I think George is on to me.  He asked me to write something on his coloring page... and then he let me have it:

--- 7 ---
I wish you a lovely weekend and a great start to Advent! Our tree is up and lit... and we finally have an outlet timer for the tree--turns on in the morning, turns off when we go to work, and it's already lit when I walk in the house after work... So wonderful!

Happy Friday!

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