Friday, November 16, 2018

Take 320

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Does motherhood find you sitting at the restaurant, with a strong-willed child that will neither come to the table nor speak with you? No?

Motherhood got me all:
--- 2 ---
But really. I just share that photo because it cracks me up. It shows a real moment in motherhood that is so worth capturing. Whatever experience of "in charge and in control" I feel can be gone in a split second. But that's ok. It's a good lesson for me. Because it turns out I'm not in charge. So maybe I'll stare at that photo a few seconds longer and appreciate the whole "Let it go, Mar" feeling.
--- 3 ---
Anywho. Enough of the too-deep. I'm happy to also report that my favorite part of motherhood right now is blowing George's mind.

"A raisin is actually just a grape."
"What?!" he says. He simply can't believe it. And I just love it.
--- 4 ---
I went away last weekend. And you know, their patio picnic table had "attachments" for kids so that they could get closer and higher toward the table. I have never seen these before and was so charmed by them! 
--- 5 ---
Isn't it strange that people call names of places differently than the people of the place itself? (Deutschland, Germany. Firenze, Florence.) In college I couldn't believe that people with beautiful names would give me an "Americanized" pronunciation of their name. It makes me sad. Even if I butcher it, I want the real thing. I want to learn more about the world. And it's beauty. (Germans call the United States the Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika... So Americans aren't the only ones to do it.)
--- 6 ---
In a similar way, our George has become George. It's hard to type out the German pronunciation, but it's something like "Jadge". And you know what? His world has expanded. His friends are German. His world is Germany. And I'm so proud of his bravery in learning a new language, making new friends, and making it all work so beautifully .  
--- 7 ---
Well, lastly... the future. This week is Thanksgiving! And in Deutschland, you can find us partying up with work colleagues at our house, hopefully showing them the beauty of American Thanksgiving. It will happily feature my favorite expat reality: the Macy's Day Parade starts at 3 pm with cocktails. That's right: 6 hours later is definitely to our advantage.  :) Oh, and all the stores are open. Noon trip for fresh bread? Totally doable. And there's no line--because everyone's at work. ;)

Hopefully you and yours are in for a great celebration together! Sending our love from over the pond.

Happy Friday!

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