Friday, November 09, 2018

Take 319

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Today is the anniversary of my Grandma Mary's passing. She's my namesake and yes, I've blogged about her before. I'll admit that the older I get, the more I wish I had known more of my family in my (and their) adult years. I can't tell you why, but sometimes I just feel it. I'm not sure what it is... but maybe it's just confidence that we really would've been the best of friends. Maybe that's a hope for heaven--getting to be peer friends with family. That would be wonderful.
--- 2 ---
Speaking about what really matters... Have you seen Gran Torino? I did recently. And whoa. Make sure you've seen it. Greatest love. Greatest movie.
--- 3 ---
This weekend is a getaway thanks to my ever-loving husband. I'm away. I'm in Netherlands for the first time ever. And it's so gorgeous.
This weekend, I'm bunking up in a cute little airbnb--all by my lonesome, with some strategic FaceTime calls with friends from afar, books to read, a gas fireplace to sit by, blueberries to eat, and lots of hygge. I'm excited :)
--- 4 ---
Oh. And my new slippers. (Sorel!) HOOORAY!! Soooo warm. 
--- 5 ---
I was watching TV this week and realized that I really do kind of like having 4 minutes of commercials every 7 minutes... I can get a lot done in 4 minutes. Clear this, put that in the dishwasher, bring that upstairs, put my PJs on, brush my teeth... You get the idea. Hah. A reason to kind of like commercials... as crazy as it sounds. It makes me wonder if this has been a Mom-tactic from of old. 
--- 6 ---
Last year, we didn't attend "Laterna", or the celebration of St. Martin. (Brian was traveling, I was overwhelmed, and the kids were devastated.) So, this year, we did. We attended the lantern making party, kept those lanterns intact for 9 days, and then showed up to a party only to discover we were supposed to create our own stick and light source for the inside of the lantern. Whoops. #AmericansParentinginGermany

--- 7 ---
Did you know that Advent Calendars (where you open doors to candy) is very popular in Germany? It's so popular that you can get Haribo Gummy Bear versions:

Happy Friday!

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