Friday, November 02, 2018

Take 318

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Welcome to Friday! We had a weird week... Reformation Day is a holiday here... so Happy Reformation and Halloween to us! We worked two days, had a day off, and then I ... in theory ... had one more day of work before my Friday off...
But, we kicked off Halloween with Rowan running a fever and then... well, I'll spare you. George came home halfway through school yesterday with a fever, so we all snuggles, plain bread, bananas, and Paw Patrol here. Oh and laundry. All the laundry.
--- 2 ---
I don't know what it's like when you have sick kids... but I cannot even tell you how many small bowls and plates of food I've offered... All to be rejected and left. So many sadly abandoned meals. And just to keep me going crazy: Every. last. one. of them was requested. 
--- 3 ---
So, I had ideas for Halloween. You know, some educational ones (why do we even do this holiday? -- Talking about saints and the church), some fun for them (pumpkin shaped sugar cookies), and some really fun for them (trick-or-treating). 

Well... George trick-or-treated. And we all took care of sick Rowan... but mostly she slept. I made cookies, then realized I didn't have red dye to mix with yellow to make orange. I also didn't have corn syrup, which I swear by when making sugar cookie icing... 

Then I had to admit that I didn't have time to make any icing because I was wiped. (Trust me, I tried not to admit this. Shoulda seen Brian's face. I love my husband.) We talked about church, saints and traditions two days later amidst temperature taking, fluids, and ok. fine. seemingly endless TV watching.

These humble cookies worked for me, though. And I appreciated them.
--- 4 ---
So I made the Italian sausage. And honestly? I put it in Bolognese Sauce... and couldn't really tell if it made a difference. I'm tempted to do something more simple with it--like put it on pizza maybe? Otherwise, I'm not sure it was worth it. However, it wasn't much work. So that's nice.
--- 5 ---
Suppengrün or Suppengemüse: I was going to spend my time explaining all this, but if you're very interested, see this blog postIt's a bundle of greens/vegetables to be made into soup. These are always in the veggie aisle. Always. In every store. And I love how they look. And I love that you're not stuck with 14 sticks of celery after using only 1... But, I'll have to make the leap and actually buy one of these bundles some day. :) And the season is right!
--- 6 ---
It's this lady's birthday today! Something I've grown to love over the past 11 years is photography, thanks to my sister's encouragement and generosity in selling me her used, awesome equipment. (Sorry about the iPhone photo of the cookie, Melanie, hah.) I absolutely love her love of people and her ability to capture their beauty. Someday, I want to grow up to be like you. Happy Birthday!
--- 7 ---
The actor who originally played Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch is retiring. Do yourself a big favor and enjoy the story. It's awesome. #GrewUpOnSesameStreet

Happy Friday!

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