Friday, October 19, 2018

Take 316

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Love houseplants, too? Don't miss this article. It was a fun read... Where I was mostly reminded that actually... plants just die sometimes. #ThankYou
--- 2 ---
When I moved to Germany, our amazingly huge cookie sheets didn't fit in our chic-sized European oven. Well, we had a Pampered Chef Stone--two of them, actually--that made me trigger the frugal we-don't-need-to-buy-something-new response... But then new cookie sheets stared me down at Lidl this week. I purchased 2, giddily unwrapped them... And then I discovered that they are adjustable in size

Blew. My. Mind.
--- 3 ---
This Sunday, as we sat around for a lazy morning, Rowan informed us of the name of her baby doll. The first time she's ever named anything in our home. We've never named a stuffed animal, a baby, anything. And then she lays it on us:

Her name is Dino Rex. 

(I feel obliged to disclose that the baby's name changed to Carlotta 10 minutes later... but the moment was too good not to share.)
--- 4 ---
Speaking of Rowan's doll--did you know that her baby's hat is attached to her outfit?! Like those mittens when we were little that were strung together to each other and then through the coat? Oh my, the genius is too much. 
--- 5 ---
You know how your bank is all, "Our website will be under construction at 2 in the morning." And you're all, "Who on earth cares about that?!" Then you move 6 time zones away... and you think, "Uh, ME. I do."
--- 6 ---
We've been married 6.5 years-- 4.5 years in South Bend, 1 year in Boston and now over a year in Hamburg. It occurred to me recently that there really shouldn't be anything left from Kroger (our South Bend grocery store). I got the guts to get rid of Kroger spices. And was embarrassed when I found Kroger dental floss.

--- 7 ---
How do you learn about history? There are so many adults I know who ... just know it. Maybe they are the kind of people who remember books 2 days after reading them... but I marvel... because I can't even do that. 

So, how do us non-history-knowing, non-historian-learning-type folks learn history? I've been chewing on this and I'll tell ya--visiting Berlin was amazing. Brian and I chatted about Berlin's history on our car ride there and I supplemented it with Google Maps and Wikipedia... and man. I learned so much! And then I got to see the sights. So cool.

Happy Friday!

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