Friday, October 12, 2018

Take 315

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
We're back from vacation... We enjoyed our time immensely with Marmie and Pops, and then my cousin Kelly and her boyfriend, Nick, visited, too! A soaking up of family time that was more than welcome!
--- 2 ---
By the way, I don't know what it's like when you host for 4 nights, leave for 3 nights to stay somewhere else, and then come back to 3 nights of new guests... Let's just say I'm happy that Kelly loves us, because our house was... ahem. Not in hosting shape. (AND it's very worth it!!!)

I laughed as my first night off of vacation I literally spent almost 2 hours moving items around the house:

Cookbook in Kitchen to Living Room Shelf
Shoe in Living Room to Entryway
Sock in Entryway to Grey Basket to go upstairs to laundry
Batman on stairs into Grey Basket to go upstairs to Playroom
Glasses all over the house to the Dishwasher
Receipt under sofa to the trash
Glass Recycle is full and needs to go to the neighborhood drop-off point
... You get the idea. It's like a mass migration of small items around the house... For hours. (And no, those 2 hours didn't include any actual cleaning.)
--- 3 ---
We went to Berlin
One of the closest bigger cities in Germany to Hamburg and it took us over a year to get there. I think it'd be fun to go back for a getaway without kids. We had a lovely time, but found ourselves really grateful that we get to live in and around the beauty of Hamburg. It's really a gorgeous city. Come visit.
--- 4 ---
It seems a small thing, but it was another tick in time for us as parents: George went to Children's Liturgy at church. Alone. Uninterested in being accompanied. Gone the whole time (because in Germany they stay even through communion). Leaving us with one child. If the sermon was in English, I totally would've heard it. Lol.

[He was so proud of himself. And I was beaming, too.] 
--- 5 ---
Speaking of George growing up, I left for work early this week and wrote him a note near his snack for tennis, "Have fun at tennis, George!" Brian then reminded me that he doesn't have tennis this week. 

Oh. Tell him it says, "Have fun at school, George!" Then I chuckled.

Hopefully he comes out alright.
--- 6 ---
How do you feel about PB&J? As I toasted bread for PB&Js for dinner this week, I realized that it was presumptuous of me to assume that they wanted their bread toasted. Then I realized that I don't think I've ever not toasted their PB&J. 


I am completely opinionated on when a plain PB&J is right and when a toasted PB&J is right. The mood has to be perfect for one or the other. Oh, and if it's not toasted, the type of bread matters immensely. And then there's creamy or crunch! Oh

Wow. I'm opinionated. Good thing I don't allow my kids to be that opinionated.
Until they're ready to make their own PB&J. :)
--- 7 ---
This last Take is hosted by my buddy, 


who just typed out his own name on my computer for the first time in his life. With no help.

Happy Friday!

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