Friday, September 28, 2018

Take 314

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
My mother believes firmly in a tissue box for every room of the house. And yes. She has the organizational skill to make that actually happen. In our house, we get pretty darn close to every room... but not quite. I'm dumbfounded because I buy 3 tissue boxes almost every week... and that seems to be the right "stocking rate" for us. (1 Kleenex box = ~2 Lidl tissue boxes)... But still! I'm amazed. #runnynosesforever
--- 2 ---
A sweet neighbor gave Rowan a kids' version of "Bug" Dominoes. I literally couldn't believe my eyes when I tee'd up the game, participated two times, and then...

They played a game... WITHOUT ME. (Sure, I had to referee a couple of times...) But guys! Games! For them! Love it.  
--- 3 ---
I did make a version of these muffins this week and Brian like them--so maybe they'll go in my recipe box! I did, however, begin to confirm in my mind that purgatory will probably include cleaning muffin tins... from over-baked muffins... with no paper liners.
--- 4 ---
This week, I wrapped a birthday present for George's friend in the parking lot of the Kita (preschool), before taking him to the party. If motherhood had badges, I feel like this would be one. Can I get a badge for that?! *Fist Bump*
--- 5 ---
Speaking of Mom-Life... This week, the kids asked (as they always do), "What do you have?!" when I come to get them from the Kita. What they mean is, "What's today's snack!?" which I always bring in the car because I like life peaceful. I said, "Bananas!" and then I played them this... because life is always about education, amIright?! Yup. They liked it.
--- 6 ---
I don't know if you live internationally, have formerly lived internationally, or like to use international recipes... But this is the website for you! Conversions! So awesome.
--- 7 ---
Finally, I give you a good laugh. I needed one this morning and the NYTimes came to the rescue. Please... come laugh with me. 

Happy Friday!


  1. I love this, and laughed at "a moment of yuck!" Also pinned your muffin recipw. They look yummy.

  2. That is hilarious!!! And also explains the gazillion octopus comments in my facebook feed!