Friday, September 21, 2018

Take 313

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Over the past 6.5 years of marriage, I have emailed myself recipes of dinners I want to make... But then life got so crazy over the last 3 years that I really only cooked our "regulars" because I couldn't handle cooking and learning during the witching hour. 

I'm proud to say that my "Cooking folder" that had been over 100 recipes has now dwindled down to 32 emails. Oh, and at least 6 of them have pdfs of actual recipe books... so. I'll have to figure out what to do there... But you know. #Winning

(No, they haven't all been winners. And yes, some of the blog posts have been removed in the past 6.5 years... but we'll live without that enchilada recipe.)
--- 2 ---
What new recipes are on the list this week? I'm going to try this Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup, this crockpot Chili, and I accidentally bought wheat bran (instead of wheat germ--Hello foreign language I live in Germany) so I'll be trying my hand at these muffins. Feel free to join me! :) Or wait to find out if they're duds next week! Lol.
--- 3 ---
Did you know that holly can grow as a tree?! It has a trunk and everything!
Is this a solution for 8 month olds and Christmas trees??? 
--- 4 ---
Speaking of plants, I planted a fall crop of lettuce and kale... and LOOK! I planted these two boxes of lettuce on the same day, with the same seeds and I have no idea why one is taking off and one isn't... Crazy, no?
--- 5 ---
The world is gearing up for Autumn and George has begun his full-time Kita job of gathering ("gesammelt" auf Deutsch) kastaniens. I just discovered today that they're actually chestnuts and now I'm wishing I had a fireplace!
By the way: I'm not kidding. The kid has 70 of these at home, 40 in his cubby at school and finds an additional 20 each day. He's serious. And yes, he collects and stores them in all his baseball caps. Along with a hot wheels car because... You never can be too prepared.
--- 6 ---
Do you ever say things to your kids and forget that they'll repeat them? I nearly bust a gut this week when Rowan declared proudly at her bath-taking skills, "I'm a pro!

Yes, Rowan. A real pro!
--- 7 ---
Should I be apologizing to all of Hamburg for my impatience with the weather? I think so. This week was an unbelievable balmy 80s and we played baseball in the backyard and I took the trash out in barefeet... but honestly? I just want soup for dinner. I'm tired of the same-old recipes and I'm totally ready for soup, sweaters, and cozy days indoors with rain. Sorry, Hamburg. But I'm ready. (I know I'll hate myself for this post in mid-February...  but Autumn is my favorite season and summer... you can just... SEE YA!)

Happy Saturday!

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