Saturday, September 15, 2018

Take 312

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
I got all geared up to take the kids to school on Friday last week, my new day off, and I was wearing sneakers... We got tot he Kita and Rowan exclaimed, "Why are you wearing your grocery shopping shoes?!" 

Oh boy. The girl thinks exercise footwear is for grocery shopping. 
Note to self: work out in front of Rowan more.
--- 2 ---
Last week I asked for ideas about baking for not a crowd, but a family of 4... and last weekend I totally failed and made a cake. But I also totally won by bringing the end of it to work and sharing it... which is one solution to baking for 4 (ie--still baking for 12, but giving it away). 

I had a realization while making this cake: it's totally refreshing to make a cake for no reason and get to completely not care about how it looks. Just throw sprinkles at it and eat. So awesome.
--- 3 ---
I planted green onion and then they all flowered... and you know what? I let them because they were so beautiful! I'm tempted to have 5 flower boxes of green onion next year! 
--- 4 ---
I've been doing a little Duolingo German work... and couldn't help but share this screenshot:
--- 5 ---
George and I had a nice bedtime conversation this week:

"Dinosaurs don’t have fire in their mouth... because the Lord didn’t make them that way. But He DID make monkeys that over a long time turned into guys.”

So Brian's introduction into evolution this weekend stuck. Nice work, babe.
--- 6 ---
Sorry for another VeggieTales share... But the kids and I enjoyed this so-very-real-experience of putting kids to bed:
--- 7 ---
We painted our front entryway! Ahem. BRIAN painted our front entryway! The walls in Germany are very soft and unforgiving. There was one winter day last year when George ran his slightly wet red glove along the whole wall--and a red streak remained until Brian painted it a few weeks ago. Thanks, Love. Loving our first wall of color near our shoes and the refreshing greeting of nice walls when I come home!

Happy Saturday!

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