Friday, September 07, 2018

Take 311

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Hello! Ok. First things first. My blog stopped emailing me your comments. (Thanks, GDPR?) I'm sorry! Thanks to Gina for the Insta-fashion recommendations and my sisters for the meat humor & the I-stored-away-the-tidy-book humor. Y'all are awesome.
--- 2 ---
Notre Dame Football season is here! We've purchased our way-to-replay technology and kicked off the season last Sunday with 4 hours of football watching starting at 7 am on a Sunday... because the game started at 2 am Germany time. Uff. This week is 9:30 pm, and next week is 8:30 pm... A little more tempting to watch live, but also foolish for me to attempt. In any case... all sorts of fight songs here and lamenting that we don't own next-size-up gear for the kiddos. Christmas is coming, kiddos. Christmas is coming.
--- 3 ---
Because we couldn't watch the game, we decided to do a little family viewing of the fun scenes of Rudy with the kids. I'll share with you Brian's retelling:

"G & R watched Rudy for the first time tonight, and two (unnamed) of the four present cried at multiple moments in the film... G was entranced and R ended the evening by saying to me by her bedside 'My heart tells me I want to go to Notre Dame.'" 

Seriously, guys. True Story. I giggle when I imagine telling my 18 year old self that I'd have ND-swooning children who knew all the words to the fight song... Mostly because I used to giggle as I baby-sat those kinds of kids when I was 18. 
--- 4 ---
Cooking as a mother is always an adventure. Our kids are kind and eat a lot of food without complaining. They've known nothing but international spices and lots of beans, and they eat almost all of it. This week, as I was throwing together Smitten Kitchen's Red Kidney Bean Curry, I put olive oil, chopped ginger, onion, and garlic in a pan to saut√©... and George yells down from the playroom,


And yes. They both ate two bowls of it. 
--- 5 ---
I was reading some of the bible this week and came across the Pharisees spices: Mint, Dill & Cumin (Mt. 23:23). I remember being a child and not having any idea what these were... And now I have all of them growing in my garden or sitting in my spice drawer. 

Feelin' a little Pharisee over here. Woe to me!
--- 6 ---
Speaking of the bible, I rented an album of VeggieTale music to listen in the car this week with the kids. I've run into this before: sudden surprise that my kids L-O-V-E kids music. We don't default to kids music here, and our kids love our music (cough*JustinTimberlake*cough), which works most of the time. But, riding in the separate cars for school gives me an opportunity to go more kid-centric with our music.

I just had to share that when "Oh Where is my Hairbrush?!" by Larry the Cucumber came on, Rowan looked simply dazed and confused for the entire song. There's even the verse where he acts sad because the hairbrush has been given away... I looked back and she looked distraught, right along with Larry. 

I seriously couldn't decide what was funnier--the song, or Rowan's and George's faces of confusion through the entire 3 minutes and 5 seconds. Guys, not one giggle or smile. Hilarious.
--- 7 ---
Maybe I've asked this before... but I'm still hoping for ideas. I love to bake. It's a happy place for me and a favorite hobby.... However, we're only 4 people and two of us are trying not to eat baked goods every night of the week. And work appreciates not being flooded with unhealthy foods. 

So, I've been thinking about mastering the 4-serving baking recipes. 

Here's a make-shift example (because it's more than 4 servings): I can make a batch of cookies. Bake 4-8 cookies. Create "dough balls" out of the rest of the batter and freeze them so that you can pull them out 4-8 at a time and have just enough for dessert. 

But I need more ideas! The last thing this house needs is 12 brownies or 12 pieces of cake or 24 cookies lying around... How do you bake for a small crowd? Or a family of 4? Or, do you only bake when there's an occasion and you can give away more than half?! (This last one may be the solution... but baking is therapy!) 

Happy Friday!


  1. Hmm. How about, start your Christmas cookie baking now? Bake sugar cookie cutouts, or gingerbread men, or whatever - and freeze all but four of them. (Or eight. Around here I usually keep out two days' worth of any baked good.) I don't know what kind of freezer space you have, but if you have space, you could have an easy and amazing collection of Christmas cookies in a few months :)

  2. And then there's always the "targeted dessert giveaway" idea. Bake whatever you want, and then think of someone who would be delighted to receive some baked goods for no reason whatsoever :) Neighbors, or some of the folks who helped you when you first moved there, or the grocery checkout lady ... :)