Friday, August 31, 2018

Take 310

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Here's the thing, guys. I set out for an August month of exercise. I got my preferred 30 Day Shred video all ready and then did it everyday. For 7 days. Then we saw Justin Timberlake in Concert on a weeknight. And I regressed... but I went back! For 3 days. And then? I got sick. That was 2 weeks ago and my sinuses are. still. hurting. 

Here's the long and short of it: I want a

Leave me alone.
I'm sick.

Button on my Apple Watch. It keeps telling me, "You used to rock it!" "Now doing dishes exhausts you..." "Go run for 30 minutes!" Seriously. Leave me alone. I'm sick.
--- 2 ---
One night this week, Brian and I got into our new routine of sitting down to watch the Cubbies after the kids went to bed and I pulled out my computer... 

30 minutes later I had bought a pair of new boots (which I need!). (Really!) I said to Brian, "Well, I wasn't really  intending to buy boots tonight."

He says, "One never does..." [Insert laughter here.]
--- 3 ---
George says to me in the car this week, "Mama, sometimes you say 'That's funny.', but you don't laugh." Oh, I think I'm going to like the 4 to 5 year old brain!
--- 4 ---
Do you know what German children's stories are like? The classic ones... The Fairytales? SCARY. For example, I went to pick up Rowan at school this week and all the children were sitting in a dark room while the voice of a witch says, "Komm herrein, Komm herrein!" (Come in! Come in!) to Hansel and Gretel

First off, I don't do witches. Second, all the lights were turned off. Third, children in ovens!!

OK ok. Fairtales are weird. I was all, "Let's go home, NOW!" to Rowan. She was all, "I want to finish the story!" I was all, "I'll play Winnie the Pooh for you in the car!!" So hilarious.
--- 5 ---
I made pad thai noodles this week in our beautiful dutch oven pot. I admit to leaving a few stuck to the bottom and soaking overnight before I cleaned it... And found this in the morning:
What is in the noddles that it does that?! And should I cover the whole thing in pad thai noodles to make the bottom look good as new?!
--- 6 ---
I thought to myself one day this week, "I can't believe I burned my finger and don't remember doing it." The pad of my finger hurt all day... a soft, dull loss of feeling... Similar to when my carpel tunnel is acting up and I've been sleeping on my shoulder funny, or trying to blow dry my hair upside down... Hah.

At 7 pm, I finally decided to inspect my finger. And discovered and removed a bee stinger.  
--- 7 ---
One food product that you can't buy in the meat section in Germany is Italian Sausage... It finally occurred to me that maybe I could make it (You know, not make it make it...  I can't do making meat.). However, I found this recipe. This is so exciting! Also, I can leave out the fennel!!! Hooray! I'll keep you posted. Have you ever made it?! (And no, I won't wrap in the casing... I'll just put in plastic bags to saut√© and include in my baked ziti, pizza, and lasagna.) YUM.

Happy Friday!

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