Friday, August 17, 2018

Take 308

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Last week I boasted about how we all did so well transitioning to school... Let's just say I'm crossing the Thursday night finish line a little haggard after week 2... I got a little sick this week, though thankfully I kicked it quickly thanks to Brian being the most amazing husband/papa and letting me simply go to bed. #TeamWork #FinishLine #ToddlersNeedSleep
--- 2 ---
At what point do you stop saying "Toddlers"? I mean, my kids will be toddlers forever, right?! They're officially 3 and 4... and almost 100% potty trained. And the bibs are gone. 

Oh my. So very nice to be done with some things... But also bittersweet. 

Oh. And by the way, I sleep. all night. long. Ok, sometimes just sweet.
--- 3 ---
Aretha Franklin. Legend. Amazing. God rest her soul. I look forward to someday getting to sing with her. That's a hope and a dream right there. 
--- 4 ---
I went ahead and gave my email address out for a resource of literacy with kids... And then they sent me 6 emails in 7 days. Please don't overwhelm me. Seriously. I was interested--not devoted for life. Woo slowly, people. Woo, slowly.

And that's 6th email? I unsubscribed. Too much. 
--- 5 ---
My sisters are 7, 9, and 10 years older than me. This provided for me the most amazing childhood. I enjoyed MacGyver, Mall Madness, big bangs, baked jewelry, Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?, and all sorts of other 80's bliss... 

However, all of this "1980's experience" didn't save me from that moment when my sister said, "Calgon take me away"... I still had no idea what she was talking about. "What's Calgon, I said?" 
--- 6 ---
We had a really nice celebration of Rowan's birthday! She doesn't love the extra attention, but when confetti cake, bubbles and friends were presented... she did juuuust fine. :)
--- 7 ---
Does anyone follow anything fashion oriented on Instagram? I'm all ears for your recommendations. :) I did a little Pinterest search today on fall fashion... and let's just say... Maybe Insta is better? Lol. 

Happy Friday!


  1. I meant to comment earlier, but I follow the following fashion bloggers on Instgram. None of their styles are exactly "me", but I enjoy them nonetheless! @puttingmetogether @kendieveryday @onelittlemomma @themomedit