Friday, August 10, 2018

Take 307

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Brian and I saw Justin Timberlake in concert! We purchased these tickets not knowing if we'd sign up for another year in Germany, so it was particularly sweet to be able to take advantage of them!
PS- That man can dance. For a long time. He is 4 years older than me and I was exhausted from doing only my less energetic version of dancing in my seat... 2/3 of the way through the concert. Hah.
--- 2 ---
We saw the most amazing thing at the concert: A Pretzel Man. That's right. HUGE soft pretzels being carried around in a MASSIVE basket lined with a blue checkered linen... by a man... with a lit-up sign. It was so amazing. 
And such a good idea--I mean who doesn't want a soft pretzel to go with their beer??
--- 3 ---
Brian and I had a hard time deciding what to get Rowan for her birthday... Until the play kitchen idea came about. I was absolutely in love with mine as a child, so I looked around eBay until I found one we liked and got it. 

About 24 hours later, Rowan says confidently (and totally out of the blue), "For my B0ithday,  I'm going to get a new Tichen!" 

..."Oh really?" 

"Yup!" she says confidently... and then walks away. That girl is sometimes frustratingly right.
--- 4 ---
So when she woke up on her birthday and there was a kitchen, she paid hardly any attention to it and spent 20 minutes admiring and playing with the helium balloons. Hah! 

Don't worry--within a couple of hours she was serving me fresh coffee from her kitchen. #Success
--- 5 ---
For those of you who own this type of Cuisinart... Do you put the parts in the dishwasher?? So tired of hand washing this when I'm making pesto 3x per week with our abundant basil.
--- 6 ---
We finally did it--we upgraded and I finally purchased a corner shower organizer. You know, tension rod with shelving for your soap. Brian commented (and I agree), "It's like we're not in college anymore." 

--- 7 ---
It was my first Friday off! 
✓ Weekly Grocery Shopping
✓ Birthday Party Prep
✓ Made a Cake
✓ Made Pesto
✓ Bought a new egg pan
✓ Finished my Audio Book ("A Man Called Ove" -- SO GOOD.)
✓ Two Loads of Laundry
✓ Got cash at the bank
✓ Picked up a prescription

...All without kids!!

Happy Friday!

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