Saturday, August 04, 2018

Take 306

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
I was planning to blog yesterday... You know. on Friday. But my day didn't go as planned... and then when the baby-sitter arrived and I had totally forgotten that we had a baby-sitter... We went out on a date! Hooray for un-expected (because you're overwhelmed and forget about) date nights! We enjoyed a dinner alone, a walk, and then we picked dahlias from a pick-your-own bouquet at an open field... Simply delightful.
--- 2 ---
The kids went back to school this week! I braced myself for what we've experienced in the past: very rough re-entry as they acclimate again to more German and no quiet time. They were little puddles of exhaustion after any break from Kita in the past year...

And then? This week? They were fine. Full of energy. No sleeping in the car. Nothing. What is this?!
I guess:
Well adjusted children.
--- 3 ---
Speaking of simple solutions... I had an "Aha!" moment last week. You see, our monthly budgets "roll over" on the 1st of the month. But in Germany, we get paid once per month around the 27th. So every month I get paid and spend 3-4 days in agony, trying not to spend any more of the budgets until it "rolls over" on the 1st, even after all the paycheck has arrived. Until I realized...

My budget should roll over WITH the paycheck. Who cares when the 1st of August is?! 
NOT ME. #Freedom
--- 4 ---
I aided George's newly picked-out venus fly trap plant this week. I literally picked it up and pursued a fly in the window... AND IT CAUGHT IT. Seriously, I feel like I've seen it all.

Here it is... RIGHT there. And yes... It does try to resist and makes a rattle noise while it's dying.
Did you know that they're native to South and North Carolina?! Crazy.
--- 5 ---
I bought chacos in spring of last year. A fabulous purchase and I haven't been disappointed. Perfect for hot days and I even wore them into the Baltic Sea... feeling all sporty (which I'm not).

I wanted to tell you that I've always had trouble getting my toe into them. Too tight. All the squeezing and wincing. Leaning over to shimmy my big toe into a too small space. Once they were on--they were ok. But getting them on was a pain. 

It took me 16 months to adjust the straps. Yes. They adjust. Yes. I knew that they could. I just never got around to it. 16 months later and I'm all, "Wow! They fit!!" *Facepalm* [It took literally 2 minutes.] 
--- 6 ---
Our new teachers arrived this week! We are quickly gearing up for a new year, with more students, and almost double the faculty and staff this year!
--- 7 ---
Starting with this new year, I'm shifting to 4 days of work per week... taking off every Friday! I have dreams that go for miles of what I want to do with my Fridays off... like learn more German, print our family photo books from the past two years, exercise, go to Mass alone, grocery shop, organize my house, read books, plan birthday parties... as I said... MILES. 

Have I mentioned that my kids will be in school on every Friday when I have off???


Happy Friday! Saturday!

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