Friday, July 27, 2018

Take 305

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
We might all be gearing up (ok, and Mama's ready) for the new school year, but summer be all delicious (ly 90 degrees) like this week:
--- 2 ---
In other summer news, this Mama spent a lot of her single years not getting much sun in the summers... but I'm a little bit proud of my Mama Apple Watch tan. Lol.
--- 3 ---
I went back to work this week and signed into "Toggle", my method of tracking how much time I spend on each project at work... It said to me, "No recent entries to show". Proof of my vacation. Proof of summer happiness. And proof that it's time to "GET BACK TO WORK!"
--- 4 ---
I saw a couple walking down the street this week--they might've been 16 years old, wearing black T-shirts. The backs of their matching t-shirts had numbers like sports jerseys and his said Beauty and hers said Beast. It was pretty great. Or at least funny.
--- 5 ---
My neighbor assessed some cheaply made clothing and said,

"This was made with a hot needle."
Love it.
--- 6 ---
I had heard of something like this before, but leave it to Denmark to actually have the roll in their toilet paper be flushable (because it completely biodegrades). #Green
--- 7 ---
One of the jobs I've been doing at work is planning meals for school... and this semester I got around to what I considered the "iconic" meal... Brats and sauerkraut. A native German sat down across from me at lunch, placed her plate down and said, "This is a weird combo!" 

I nearly died of laughter. Maybe this is like St. Patrick's Day in Ireland??? 

May your weekend be lovely--filled with good food, friends, and free time.

Happy Friday!

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