Friday, July 20, 2018

Take 304

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Last week I shared a milestone of George's... This week, I put away Rowan's bibs for good, she gave up her pacifier (I threw it away!) and we're on to daytime underwear. She's amazing. And milestones galore around here.
--- 2 ---
This summer I've really benefited from the increased vacation days. Our kids have to take off 3 consecutive weeks from the Kita and this week I was alone with the kids Monday through Friday. It's probably their age, my comfort in Germany, and the unbelievably divine weather,  but this week has been SUPERB. (Note: this is not my natural sweet spot. I work outside the home and prefer it that way and find being home all week to be really hard... but this week? So many sweet spots!) All summer. All popsicles. All "who cares" and wet kisses after pool time. New books like Frog and Toad and Mercy Watson. I'm just tickled by all of it.
--- 3 ---
On to less weepy items for the week: I have birthed two babies without pain medication. I am tough. But nothing makes me feel weaker than when I’m trying to open my Oxo salad dressing container. #WhereMyHusbandAt
--- 4 ---
In other cooking container news... I have absolutely never in my life transferred rice from a pot to a pyrex without spilling. Rice is the worst. And my aim ranks right up there with it.
--- 5 ---
Are you a sharing Mom? I realized at the park today that occasionally I give in, but mostly I'm all "You drank your juice box. This one is mine." Hah. I'm so mean.
--- 6 ---
Have you seen Interstellar? I watched that for the first time this week and found it quite enjoyable... It was also crazy. 
--- 7 ---
While I've enjoyed my increase in independence and empowerment with Mama-life this week and taking my kids around Hamburg, I've also come to appreciate all the work my husband does on family outings because... I like photography. It turns out that taking care of two kids alone in public doesn't lend itself to a lot of big girl camera fun... :) Thanks, Love!

Happy Friday!

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