Friday, July 13, 2018

Take 303

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
I know that there will be lots of milestones in our future with our children. Two weeks ago, George began buckling himself into his carseat. 
--- 2 ---
I was enjoying a little random searching on Instagram this week and watched a quick advertisement video of a woman giving instructions on how to add fake freckles to your make-up routine... literally adding dots and then adding some more color to make them look natural. I feel kind of like I've seen it all... even though I know I haven't seen it all.

[By the way, this was 2 weeks after I watched a professional photographer erase my children's freckles on a passport photo... while I watched in horror.]
--- 3 ---
Hey writers--can you relate? Have you ever had this drink??
--- 4 ---
I'm pretty excited about this upcoming phase of life! We're so close to being able to do this regularly... 
HOWEVER. Hopefully it won't be like our hair bow phase. What was that phase like? Well... It didn't exist. :)
--- 5 ---
Hey Grandmommy! I went into a closet this week and found the birthday gift you sent to me! Oops! It's been perfect timing and the kids and I have really enjoyed the adult coloring book you sent me! I bought new markers and we've all been really happy working together! :) Thank you! 
--- 6 ---
Tomorrow is this crazy couple's anniversary! Mom and Dad--thanks for getting married! 
Best wishes to many, many more!
--- 7 ---
Today my blog is posted a little later... but I can't complain about where I get to write from:

Happy Friday!

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