Friday, June 29, 2018

Take 301

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Hello! Welcome to the end of another week. Can you even believe it? I'm writing this on Thursday night and tomorrow morning we go to the government office to apply for new work and residence permits... It's been a long week. BUT!

I actually went to our file cabinet and compiled all of our necessary paperwork for that appointment in 5 minutes.

I'm killin' it.

Update: It's Friday and I made two mistakes for this appointment... but don't worry--they were merciful and I only came away with one to do list item: new passport photos of our kids. Honestly, I love when we do that. They're always so hilariously cute.
--- 2 ---
Where do you keep all of your produce?  I finally gave in and put our book shelf in our kitchen... and took all the books off. It now houses our computer charging station, my big girl camera, and all that produce. When the produce starts to get "old", I move it to the fridge. I'm pretty happy with the new arrangement.
--- 3 ---
Have you been watching the World Cup? We have a little bit... but you know what? I can't believe McDonald's delivers. That's one of the main things I've caught from the advertisements.

And my mind is blown. What the heck is a 10 minute old Big Mac like? 
--- 4 ---
When Brian and I got married, we had a guest book at our reception. That book has since become our house guest book... which is sweet. At our wedding reception, we had two pens for the guestbook, both shaped like baseball bats... One Yankees and One Cubs. 

Over time they've stopped working, but George has always loved the idea of a baseball bat pen. However, the disfunction finally got to him and he told me, "We have to throw it away!" and I found myself yelling on the inside, "IT'S A MOMENTO!!!" from our wedding! 

And I had to laugh at myself. Here I am. All attached to a stupid baseball bat pen.

No. It's not gone, yet. (It's a momento!)
--- 5 ---
Have you ever had a balcony garden? This is my first, and I have to admit... there's an unspoken truth, and that's: DIRT. The reality is that if you have a garden on the balcony, you'll most certainly get dirt on your balcony... and there's no where to sweep it to! Awkward.
--- 6 ---
Rowan got her first real delivery of hand-me-downs... from the most generous friends of ours. Our life has been jet-set enough that we haven't been around anyone that was just bigger than her size... But she put on this sweet dress from a friend and I almost choked she looked so old! (And cute, of course.)
--- 7 ---
Today is my Grandma Ginger's Birthday! So happy to have such a wonderful Grandma who has been so much a part of my life and now my own family's life. Gigi, We love you! And we miss seeing you as much as we could when we lived in Boston!! 

Happy Friday!

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