Friday, June 22, 2018

Take 300

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Congratulations! You did it!!

You survived 2,100 random thoughts from me. I am going to hit it out of the park with more every-day-random this week. ... I hope you love me!

*Big Cheesy Grin*
--- 2 ---
We'll kick off this week's random with a major request: toe bandaids. Someone. Please. I'll invest. Just design me a bandaid that stays on my darned big toe. K. Thanks. 
--- 3 ---
In case you missed it--we announced this week that we're staying in Germany! One thing I mentioned about that is feeling happy to be "settling in", which we definitely hesitated to do this past year while we were discerning. BUT. Here we are, with no plans for a departure date... and I found two side tables for our living room on eBay for 40 €. #Winner
--- 4 ---
It's a little late to be sharing this, but I finally found out what Brotzeit Eier is. The direct translation is Bread Time Eggs... It turns out they're already-dyed-for-you-oh-and-also-hard-boiled-for-you-eggs... Found not in the refrigerator section of the grocery store... Say what what?! You read that right. Yup. I have been informed that you shouldn't eat them... with a smug face on. Mostly, they're used for decoration and then pitched. Crazy. 
--- 5 ---
Speaking of Easter, my parents sent a cute Easter video of a choir singing "Jesus Christ is Risen Today" to my kids and I kept forgetting to show them... today, I finally got around to showing them... 

"Hey! They're singing in Ang-lish! ... Just like we do!" -G

Thanks for the Easter message, Mom and Dad!
--- 6 ---
I don't know if you have strong weather associations, but the weather took a turn for "Real Hamburg Summer" (or so they say) and it's been rainy and 60s... Well, today is partly cloudy, with big fluffy clouds and it's very windy and 61 degrees...

Notre Dame Football Weather.
Tailgate, anyone? I miss it.
--- 7 ---
We're slowly nearing the end of school here... July 6! And no, we don't have July 4th off. Lol. Send Bud Light and fireworks. It turns out that I'm so used to school ending in June that I've been confused all month that it's not May. Almost daily I'm staring at a calendar wondering what's going on... because isn't it May?! Nope. It's not. 

Happy Friday!

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