Friday, June 15, 2018

Take 299

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
I sat with Rowan at dinner this week. She was eating a chicken leg...

"What's in here?!"
"But what's inside?!"
--- 2 ---
This package hilariously warned me, "HANDLE WITH CARE" while precariously perched out the top of our mailbox... I mean, it's in English... and this is German... Lol.
--- 3 ---
I left the United States with a bottle of allergy medicine... daily 10 mg of claritin. It's been almost a year since we arrived (!), and you know how it goes with daily medications... some days I forgot, some days I cut it in half and took it when I remembered at 4 pm, some days I dropped my small pill case and lost a few under my desk in the process...

Well, I'm here to report that I took my last claritin the day before my parents arrived... with a new bottle of claritin. Isn't that crazy?! Statistically impossible. Thanks, Mom and Dad!
--- 4 ---
Am I the only person who is terrified that some day I won't exit the parking lot gate exit fast enough and the mechanical gate arm will kill my car... and me? That's just me? Oh. Ok.
--- 5 ---
I'm not quite sure if this link will work for you, but please enjoy the first "Moth" story from episode "The Moth Radio Hour: GrandSLAMS: Life and Death" from June 5, 2018. Seriously, though. I about died. In a great way. Missing NYC...
--- 6 ---
I'm so glad my parents came so I could think of fun meals like black bean tacos... only to forget to make them... and then have black bean tacos to remember them by a week later... Miss you, Mom and Dad! :) 
--- 7 ---
Happy Friday! I don't know what kind of week you had... but Monday was a day of no hope--too many things and too long a list and no hope that any of it would happen... Cheers to a Friday with ORDER. We made progress and I felt good going home today. Success! Thank the good Lord.

Happy Weekend!

PS- What happens when next week is take THREE HUNDRED?! What should I do? What do the people want?! :)

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