Friday, June 08, 2018

Take 298

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
I started this blog post on Wednesday night... because I thought it was Thursday night. And you know what? I was wrong. I had a whole additional night. But you know what? I've saved ZERO ideas for this week's 7 Quick Takes and got a little nervous. So here I am. Wednesday night. Vacation can be so disorienting!
--- 2 ---
I took 4 days off this week and enjoyed time with my parents! [Yes, this leads to day-of-the-week-confusion. Of course.] We had a wonderful time visiting Hamburg, Lüneburg, Schwerin Schloss, and each other. It's been almost a year since we've seen my parents, and it was a huge treat!
--- 3 ---
I walked upstairs on the second or third morning of my parents visit, and found my daughter, with her mouth wide open, sleeping soundly on my pillow. This would be totally normal... except that we gave my parents our bed... ! 

At around 3 am, Rowan quietly climbed in and slept with my parents. Thankfully, they were charmed... And honestly, so was I. :) Thank God for FaceTime being a legitimate way to build friendship with far-away-family. 
--- 4 ---
My parents and I went on a walk this week and saw a guy fishing... About a minute into observing him we realized he had some crazy crazy bait...

--- 5 ---
How do you recover from that? What are you picturing? Do you need a minute? Feel queasy? Sorry. I couldn't NOT tell you! Thankfully, though, YOU haven't seen it all, yet... but WE HAVE. And yeah. I regret it. And yes, I took a photo. And no. I won't subject you to it. You're welcome. 

Recovered, yet? Moving on...
--- 6 ---
We ended our time together with a lovely night out without the kids and we tried a vegan/vegetarian restaurant (Tassajara). This was SO GOOD. It was called Ginger Passion. I was passionate. It was right.
--- 7 ---
Last but not least, we didn't buy this... but I had to share. Gummibär pizza!

Happy Friday!

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