Friday, May 25, 2018

Take 296

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Brian's cousin, Colleen, is here! Hip Hip Hooray! I may be blogging late in the day today... but you know where I'm going after this? Out to Le Lion with Colleen! Hooray!
--- 2 ---
Sometimes your kids really make you laugh. This moment... "The hanging toothbrush incident of 2018" .... Yeah. That was one of those times.
--- 3 ---
This past Sunday was Pentecost and they read the story of the apostles preaching in many tongues and then we had our own miracle! Everyone started singing and my brain had a mini freak out moment... I knew what they were singing! ...Jesus Christ, you are my life... #DownwithBabel
--- 4 ---
Also, I got sucked in (in a totally conscious decision making sort of way) to watching the Royal Wedding and all those FABULOUS hats... But mothering life still persisted... So this was us, listening to the awesome preacher:
--- 5 ---
Feel free to visit my Privacy Policy page... But actually, don't. Enjoy this one instead.... SO FUNNY! Hahaha.
--- 6 ---
Speaking of bloggers that write about homeschooling... Did you know that homeschooling is illegal in Germany? #MicDrop 
--- 7 ---
Take a few minutes and enjoy this performance at the Harvard commencement this year. (Have I mentioned that sometimes I miss the US? This video reminded me. Also Cambridge. I miss Cambridge.) Also on this topic, I just finished reading Expecting Adam, which I highly recommend... But I'm so sad that she had such an awful experience at Harvard.

Harvard's School Leadership Program: I commend you. You felt like family the whole time we were there. And I miss you. Thanks for being a place of welcome, love, change, and a program that sends out top notch people to work on the education of our future generations. Kudos. And love. 

Happy Friday!

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