Thursday, May 03, 2018

Take 294

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
We have been deep in the trenches of bedtime battles. I mean deep. But this week, I opened the bedroom door and found my little girl asleep in her tiny toddler bed... she had taken off her pajama shirt, proudly wearing rain boots which peeked out from Aunt Peggy's crocheted blanket, loosely covering her. The light from the long day peered in through our room-almost-darkening shades and the nuk was barely held in her mouth through her deep, long breaths. I hope I never forget that Rowan. Even in the midst of the most frustrating battles.

--- 2 ---
I don't know if your toddlers play pranks on you... But I stared down at my bathroom scale this morning and it read "60 pounds" before I even stepped on the scale! Now all I have to do is plan my next prank on them... hmm...
--- 3 ---
If you haven't seen it yet, please go see Scenes Unseen: Summer of '78. I love photography.
--- 4 ---
#SiriStruggles #ToddlerSiriStruggles #SaySomethingJustinTimberlake #Tottenham
--- 5 ---
Does anyone know what this beautiful flower is? It looks to be coming from the ground cover plant underneath it. Each flower is smaller than a dime... so pretty! 
Oh, and they are no more than 6 inches high.
--- 6 ---
Brian and I got to go on a date night last night! Three cheers for having a baby-sitter in the neighborhood. That's my new favorite... right behind date night! We had a lovely dinner and took a walk at our nearby park... And everything and everyone was flauntin' their stuff at the park... especially this guy, who turned toward the sun and showed me his good side.
--- 7 ---
Have you ever seen new growth on a holly bush? WOW! So beautiful. 
I have for sure never seen this before. Love.

Happy Friday!

PS- I'm out of town next week... and won't be blogging! 
Tune into Instagram for my travels to Malta! Hip Hip! Hooray!!