Saturday, April 28, 2018

Take 293

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Meg visited us! We spent a lovely weekend with Meghan and her friend, Gina. It was a lovely time and we all--especially the kiddos--hated to see her go... Thanks for including us in your trip to Europe! We're so lucky!

--- 2 ---
I don't know if your car rides are peaceful, loud, filled with audiobooks, or otherwise... But I often enjoy a good belting of "Say Something" (Justin Timberlake) by George. And yes, this kid sings with passion. I love it.
--- 3 ---
My kids are 2.5 and 4. But, for the first half hour of the day, I feel like I have two 16 year olds ("Noooo, I don't wanna get out of bed!") and then after school I have two 6 month olds ("Cry!!!" -- over everything). Occasionally, I sit at dinner with two 40 year olds ("Mama, how was your day?"). Parenting is a wild adventure... 
--- 4 ---
Guys. The German Mary Poppins does NOT say Supercalifragilistic the way we do?! Say What?!
--- 5 ---
I was enjoying some This Is Us this week... when there was a random line that referred to toe socks. I enjoyed a hearty laugh as I remembered my 14 year old self trying so desperately to love the new fashion trend of toe socks... Only to realize my OCD self could absolutely NOT handle fabric between my toes. #AlltheLaughter
--- 6 ---
I just have to share--when we went to Italy, we're trudging through the airport and I saw the masseuse that I referenced at the end of this post. Dang--I was tempted to get another massage. haha. "There's your guy" Brian said, with a smile. Chuckle. [Nuh uh. Brian's my guy. Just for the record.]
--- 7 ---
My blogger interface has been in German since I arrived... That's 9 months now. (wow!) Blogger is owned by Google and I tried to change this in my settings many, many times. But, I never succeeded. Thankfully, I've been blogging so long that I had memorized all of the buttons... Then, this week, VOILA! English. It's like there was a glitch in the system and they finally figured it out... and fixed it. 9 months later, though... and now I kind of miss it--hah! 

Happy Friday!

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