Thursday, April 19, 2018

Take 292

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
This week totally slipped away from me. Probably because we were on vacation Monday and Tuesday... and it's a 3 day work week for me. Honestly... I can't complain... Because Italy
--- 2 ---
Yesterday I got to go to downtown Hamburg on a work day (playing photographer for a couple of hours) and it was 75 degrees and sunny. Goodness gracious it was divine...
--- 3 ---
I don't know if you use a "Scourer" in your home, but I just bought some that are rust free and are made of spirals--meaning it's like working with stainless steel curly hair... Kind of. I'm totally a fan. AND, I love not having to throw them away after 4 uses due to the rust left on the sink. Awesome. 
--- 4 ---
We bought a neck hammock. I'm looking forward to seeing if it makes a difference after several regular uses on neck tightness. I'd report back on my first 10 minutes of hammocking my neck, but I fell asleep. So, at least it's helping with my total restful hours. I'll take it.
--- 5 ---
The kids and I pulled out our morning eggs... and Voila! Proof that food is real. We giggled and decide to text it to Papa. (Which of course I forgot to do. Here you go, Papa!) 
--- 6 ---
As I was contemplating the work of being a Mama this week, I was reflecting and praying about the difference between leaning in and checking out. Tonight, the long book was chosen. This is a prime example... lean in or check out? Lean in. Read it. Discuss it. Ask them questions. They always love it. I want to lean in more. (And trust me--the lines get blurred. I totally "Check out" while doing dishes, which could be considered "Leaning in"... it's all about discerning what's important at the time. hah. Complicated much, Mary?)

Side note: George requested to go to bed 2/3 of the way through this long book last night... So win win for leaning in!
--- 7 ---
We've been absolutely spoiled this week with weather in the 70s, abundant sunshine and dirty kids. I've given more than my fair share of baths this week and the kids have rewarded tortured me with late fall asleep times thanks to the shifting in sunlight. Next week is low 50s and rain all week, so maybe I'll bottle this week and sell it... In photo form?... Something. Grateful for what we've had this week! Happy kids with water guns in the backyard is always a good thing.

Happy Friday!

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