Friday, April 13, 2018

Take 291

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
It's probably a fluke, but I started taking vitamin C daily... and we haven't been sick in so long... yes, Spring arrived and I'm sure other things are affecting it... But goodness gracious I love when our family is healthy!!
--- 2 ---
In the US we have "Joe Smith" for our "example name." In Germany, we have "Max Mustermann." Love it.
--- 3 ---
When I went to enjoy artwork on a day off last month, I was particularly stunned by this one:

Wait for it... A different angle now...
"Man reading a book"
And I'm super embarrassed... because I don't have the name of the artist and I can't find it. Anyone know it?
--- 4 ---
I had the opportunity to play the piano this week... And I'm amazed at the human brain. No, I didn't sound all that beautiful... But a lot of it is still in there, and I found it very enjoyable. Cheers to exercising different parts of our brains!
--- 5 ---
Did you know Beverly Cleary turned 102 this week? I cannot tell you how much I loved Ramona Quimby growing up. I can't wait to introduce my own children to her. 
--- 6 ---
Do you have tricks for making life at work... work? I did not invent this one... so three cheers for Christin who taught me this trick: I set up a rule on my Outlook that moves a copy of any sent email where I blind copy myself to a folder called "Waiting for Response". Every Thursday, a reminder goes off to check the folder. This leaves Friday to follow up on any items that might need to still be tied up. Seriously, people. This has saved me so many times at work. 
--- 7 ---
As I leave you for the weekend, here's an article that's worth reading. Worth a bit of reflection and maybe some prayer, especially if you're a church-going American. 

Happy Friday!

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