Friday, March 23, 2018

Take 289

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
The sound of my most traumatizing grade school moments was the barking sound of a seal... thanks to my maiden name (Seale). Well... Dear Rusty, Tommy, and whoever else: Seals don't bark. Sea lions do. So take that. And yes, I'm shocked that I didn't know this my whole life.
--- 2 ---
We watched the movie "Cars" this week with the kids and I basically must've slept through it when we watched it at Thanksgiving last year... because guess what?! The Car Guys are in it! All the awesome! So great. Love that show (Car Talk).
--- 3 ---
We've talked about this before, but I love succulents. And you know what? They don't love Hamburg. It's simply not sunny enough. So, in a moment of hilarity, my husband says, "Just treat them like they're disposable!" Hah! Love that guy. And yes, I bought three more. And threw away the dead ones. And no, I don't feel guilty. 
--- 4 ---
Believe it or not, my boots survived! Two week ago, I shared that I poured diesel gas onto them... (Win moment)... and I bought Chamberlain's Leather Milk... So, I did 3 days with baking soda on top of the stains and then rubbed this new product on them... And VOILA! 
They're totally saved.

Side note: This is not sponsored by Børn, but if they want to sponsor me the answer is Yes. Go ahead. These boots are 7 years old. I wore them on my first date with Brian. I wore them while pregnant with babies. I wear them now in Germany. They are totally made of quality ingredients and I love them. I would buy three more pairs if I could find them.
--- 5 ---
Rowan has begun saying "But it's kaputt!" And yes. This is a German word that means broken. But it's also a word we use in English and I delight in it. 
--- 6 ---
I'm afraid my children show signs of living in South Bend for 2 years and Hamburg for 1... We have a hard time explaining to them what exactly direct sunlight is, that we can't turn it off, that it won't go away (until we turn the car in a new direction), and that they just have to deal. And yes, they have sunglasses... but those don't seem to cut it. They seem to me 100% acclimated to cloudy weather. Those poor kids. I keep telling them, "Close your eyes and feel the happiness!" But mostly? They frustrate.
--- 7 ---
Another effect of living in Hamburg is that George asked me this week, "Why does your coffee not have a heart in the middle?" Hah! Yes, the coffee shop we were at last weekend gave me a heart... And no, our at-home cappuccino machine doesn't make hearts. Oh my. Giggle.

Happy Friday!

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