Friday, March 16, 2018

Take 288

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Last weekend was Ladies Only night out and we ate amazing pizza on the Elbe river, had cocktails, and danced. All the funs! This bar, Mash, was my highlight for the evening:
--- 2 ---
I have ruined lots of meals in Germany by using white vinegar. German vinegar is like the moonshine of fine whiskey. Now, I can't say it definitively, but I have a major hunch that the vinegar I bought is actually not distilled vinegar. See this. Seriously, this is crazy. Distilled is 5-8% acetic acid and white vinegar is 5-TWENTY PERCENT acetic acid. CRAZY. No wonder my dinners have been... sour.

My solution? I've been using white wine vinegar as a replacement in almost all my recipes and everything is A-OK.
--- 3 ---
Speaking of recipes, I've been trying to make some of my "Saved for later" recipes because they're starting to build up and we're sick of our old faithfuls... and this week? I've had some fun successes! We recommend this beef stroganoff and this Jamaican jerk chicken.
--- 4 ---
By the way, I absolutely despise chicken with bones in the slow cooker. The meat is perfect, but all the weird other parts (not bone and not meat) fall to pieces off the bone and give me the heebie jeebies. Also, I can't find boneless chicken thighs very easily here. Another major issue. #NeverPreferWhiteMeat
--- 5 ---
I began reading Murder on the Orient Express this week and was reminded that I get very stressed when murder mystery books start with labeling way too many characters in the intro... Am I going to need to know in 100 pages who Bob, Larry, Suzie, the Duke, the American assistant, the young mother and her dog are? Because I can't remember their names or their personalities by page 42. 

Oh, and what's the name of the book I'm reading again? Who knows. But it's fun. (This is how it always goes with me!)
--- 6 ---
When you move to a new country and your children learn a new language, you become like the stranger who doesn’t understand your kids when they speak perfectly understandable toddler gibberish. The man looks at you puzzled and you say, "She said she loves elephants and wants a glass of milk." (What? You can't understand her?!) Then those same toddlers learn German and I'm all, "HUH? Can you speak louder?! What does she want?! Why is she whining?!" #InternationalKidProblems
--- 7 ---
Today was my first week that was a short week (thanks to 2017 vacation days) and I went with a friend to an art museum for my day off. Oh, it was lovely. Art is wonderful. More of it. Bring it. Thanks, Kunsthalle. Being the Grand Rapids, Michigan girl that I am, I fell deeply in love with the Calder piece:

Happy Friday!

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