Friday, March 09, 2018

Take 287

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
You hate to dwell on it... but sometimes you start to realize how those, "Yeeeeah" moments are coming... and coming... and coming...

  • Ralphing. In our house. 4 times this week. Thankfully, our aim is improving.
  • I dropped a 5 inch pot with a succulent in my dining room. (And yes. My soccer skills are still there. I caught it with the top of my foot... like a soccer ball. Like a genius. Ouch.)
  • In an effort to pull the "continue pumping" lever on the gas pump, the nozzle came out and I sprayed gasoline on my knee high leather boots. From Børn. (Ordered this.) Oh. And my sweet winter coat. It's been washed twice and still smells like a gas station.
  • I made pizza dough last night. And forgot about it. Uncovered. All night.

Weekend me. 
--- 2 ---
BUT! 10 days of yoga in a row?! Killin' it. Hah. So, even if all of those things above happened, at least I'm still strong in the core, breathing deeply, and all namaste like.
--- 3 ---
What's your favorite flower to bring home? My heart is totally stolen by ranunculus. Swoon.
--- 4 ---
Have you smelled a bottle of liquid smoke before? This stuff is insane. It's weird like frosting chapstick is weird. However, it's always a welcome addition to BBQ slow cooked meals. You know what's crazy? It's readily available in Germany... much to my surprise.
--- 5 ---
I had a few days left from my 2017 vacation days... and Yes. I spaced them out over three weeks. This means that I will not work a full week until April 9. #Winning 
And we get both Good Friday and Easter Monday off in Germany. Gotta love a culture that gives you a day off for both fasting AND feasting. Awesome.
--- 6 ---
Hey Moms! I keep giving my daughter peanuts and raisins... and then she yells, "Fertig!" (Done!) and then hands me this:

At what point do I just give in and serve her raisins only? I feel like this is an important parenting moment. This girl. just. won't. eat. peanuts. 
--- 7 ---
Prost to International Women's Day... putting on my dancing shoes with women from work and hittin' the town this weekend! 

Happy Friday!

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